Friday, July 22, 2005

Anybody have the same dilemma....I have two new WIP and I can't decide which one to try and finish first. As a result I am stuck in analysis-paralysis hell. Everytime I start to think I have the flow going on one work, the other one has a revelation and I switch. Trying to write two at once is WAAY beyond me. I know I have to buck up and make a decision but I hate having to let either one go. Any thoughts?

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Dave Webb said...

Yes, I have. I'm 21,000 words into my sequel to my 1st book and 10,000 into the sequel to my second book. Then I have 10,000 words done on a western I've been working on for about ten years that I can't get out of my head. Then there's that other book that I have visions of dancing in my head called The Drifter. It keeps screaming at me.

Dave Webb said...

If you find an answer let me know. It doesn't work to dab at each. I'm just going to have to go after the one shrieking the loudest. Good luck on yours.

Allison said...

A suggestion! I have a Gothic, a contemporary suspense and a historical romance all brewing. I usually pick the characters yelling at me the loudest and I work on that book in the morning. After lunch, I work on whichever of the other two is making the most noise.

Of course, there are days when I spend the whole day working on only one book. Right now, the Gothic is front and center.
However, because I'm a plotter, with charts all over the place, I can work on one in the morning and another in the afternoon without losing too much.

Of course, if you find a better way, please let me know. These characters can get very demanding.


Kay Sisk said...

Stuart--I can't imagine having two good ideas floating around at the same time and being able to write on both of them! I'm too linear: one book at a time for me!

I enjoyed your website.

Kay Sisk