Thursday, July 21, 2005

Finally found my way here. My name is Stuart Ford and I have two novels out with Wings ePress. Both deal with the romance, danger and tragic beauty of Africa. The titles are 'Lost in Africa' (Winner Golden Wings Award) and Emma's Camp'. I invite you to visit my web site and also to visit the site of the publisher where you will find the work of many very talented authors covering all genres.

As background, I live in California splitting my time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Very different places with different moods. In LA I live high in the hills abutting a national park where coyotes, deer and bob cats abound. In SF I am based in the city center, close to the Bay. I find the constantly changing environments stimulate my imagination. I am a native of Great Britain. I have lived in Australia for many years, and have traveled extensively around the world, including many trips to Africa, South Pacific, Asia and beyond. My multi-cultural household includes an American wife and stepchild, two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and an Australian Cockatiel.

I look forward to reading all the blogs and finding out more about the members of the 'Wings family'.


Nora Peterson said...

Hi Stuart,

I love California. We lived there for about 9 years (7 in San Diego, 2 in San Clemente). If it wasn't for the traffic and the cost of housing, I might be tempted to forsake my love affair with Arizona and go back.

One of our dogs is a Ridgeback/Basenji/Lab mix. I can't imagine what a household with two Ridgebacks would be like -- except that at least they could keep each other company. But then again, two *strong* & *strong-willed* African hunting dogs in one house? Oh my.


Joan :>*** said...

*** Good morning,
Yep, we coasties are putting up with summer fog right now... but we Californians wouldn't have it any other way. Fog makes Redwood Trees for which California is famous.
Joan :>***
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Joan :>*** said...

*** Hi there,
I enjoyed reviewing your EMMA'S CAMP. I hope anyone who likes fast moving action will check this one out. It's a very interesting read on Africa.
Joan :>***