Friday, July 29, 2005

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Extreme Home Makeover--Part III

Okay, so this episode wasn't such an ordeal. I painted my front door. Originally my house had pale yellow siding with white trim and a soft jade green door. Several years ago, I replaced the siding with vinyl (I'm not a big house painting kind of person) which is Windsor Blue. I've meant to paint my door an indigo blue ever since. However the soft green didn't jar and didn't look bad at all.
But now, my front door has two coats of nice semi-gloss in indigo blue, and it's looking mighty fine.

Now if someone would just tell the owner to get out and weed the foundation planting...

I have a nice guy who comes by and mows the lawn once a week, but his weed-trimmer only works on the edge of the grass. I thought I'd fake him out by allowing the grass to grow among the flowers and he would naturally start trimming it back. NOT.

Oh, he'll trim it if I ask him, but I'm not always around to ask him. This part of Tennessee is rife with something called Bermuda grass. It's invasive and relentless. Since my gardening fervor only lasts about six week each spring, the grass always wins. I tell myself when it dies back in the winter, I'll sprint out there and whip up all the dead stuff.

But guess what--I don't. I've been promising myself that same thing for the last nine years I've owned this house.

And why not? It's because I'm a writer--read that as indoor-loving--kind of gal. I don't like the sun--it causes skin cancer. I don't like bugs--they sting and bite. I could go on and on, but I won't.

But since it's really starting to bug me, I KNOW my next door neighbor is just about sixty seconds from whipping out his own weed trimmer and having a go at it.

Hmm...maybe I should just put it off another day or two.


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