Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hi everybody! Out of lurkdom to try this out! Way cool! Hot as the devil here in Georgia and only adds to my writer's block. Anyone have ideas how to get over this? I've a trip to the lake, meditating, and even chocolate!! Help!!


Camille Cavanagh said...

Hi Pat,

My name is Camille and I'm a new Wings Author who's been lurking too. I saw your post and thought I'd respond. I say, put your feet in a bucket of cool water and bichok! LOL! COurse it's only about 25*C here. How hot is it where you are?

Dave Webb said...

Hi, Pat. Dave Webb here. My favorite wild animal, besides me, is the wolf. I have a painting of a wolf lurking behind a mound of snow on my wall next to me. When it gets too hot I stare at that painting and wonder what that darn wolf is after. I suddenly shiver and am compelled to return to writing because it could be me he's after. LOL
BTW it hit 99 here today and more of same tomorrow when I mow the yard. Look out wolf, here I come.