Thursday, July 21, 2005

I heard a wonderful idea this morning. So, obviously, since I heard it, it isn't mine. But I have to share!

The daughter of a friend emailed her mom about using an ICE: In Case of Emergency number on your cell phone. It's the brain child of an emergency services worker. (Or it's urban myth, but who cares? This is a good idea and it's not scary!) If the person needing help is alone and unconscious, but there's a cell phone with all these numbers... which do you call first? What if we all had an ICE? Find that--and help of the family/friend variety is on the way!

I mean, I have friends and family all programmed in... as well as AAA, my hair stylist, and the landscaper! They might be some help, but wouldn't a shortcut be better?

So, I'm going to put in ICE. And I'm going to spread the word...

Kay Sisk

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