Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It may be hot in AZ, but is it humid? Here in Central Illinois we pushed one hundred today and the humidity felt like ninety-nine. I was afraid to watch the weather to see what the heat index really was or what it was going to do tomorrow.


Nora Peterson said...

Humid, you ask? Have you ever heard it said that "it's a dry heat?"

Well, they lied. Granted we may only have a humidity of 30 or 40 percent during the hottest part of a monsoon day, but at 105 degrees, that makes for m-u-g-g-y.

That said, I'll take it over summer in the midwest. I know that because I lived there a very long time. Hope you've got AC.

Nancy Minnis Damato said...

Well, I think I'm in. What fun to have techies in the wings group who can hold us by the hand. Thanks, Nora, et al.
From Sun City West, but we're up in Logan, Utah enjoying the USU senior's summer program. $1150 rent in student housing for three months, inexpensive classes with full time professors, use of all the university including computer labs, pools, weight rooms, etc, five golf courses and trout fishing. And night temps of 61-65. Hot today 100, but a cool breeze sweeps through the canyon, and at 7:30 we open the windows and pull up a light blanket by 9:00. Closest to heaven you can get. About 700 gray hairs up here toddling around the mountainside enjoying the hospitality of the locals and eating ice cream from smiling cows.

Nancy Minnis Damato said...

Where in Central Illinois? Raised in Springfield then lived in Shawnee National Forest at Anna-Jonesboro and later on the Chain- of-Lakes, near LaGeneva, WI. I am a real Lincolnlander at heart.