Saturday, July 23, 2005

Thanks to Nora for coming up with the idea for a Wings blog and for making it happen. Now to see if my post goes through.

I live in Michigan where, even with a temperature in the high eighties today, I think I can detect a hint of autumn in the air. There's more than a hint of color in the leaves.

I'm ambivalent about summer. I long for it all year but rarely accomplish any real writing during the summer months if I haven't begun a WIP in the spring. Since mid-April, I've been planning a novel of romantic suspense, working a little on editing and promotion, and taking long walks with my black collie, Holly. In other words, I've been taking it easy.

As we walk around the neighborhood, sometimes ideas appear in the strangest places. For example, the dead crow that I shooed Holly away from found its way into the first paragraph of my book, THE CAMEO CLUE, and I found an ideal house for my villain to live in, one built on a beautifully landscaped triple lot. I added another few lots filled with woods so that he would have a place to bury the body of the woman he'd murdered thirty years earlier.

I wish that every walk would be so productive, but ideas come in their own time, not mine.

It seems as if I find my inspiration and finish my outline in the fall, write all winter, and loaf all summer. At least, that's the way it worked last year. But then every year is different, and every book is different.

I'm going to be signing copies of THE CAMEO CLUE at the Barnes and Nobel store that is also Wayne University's bookstore in mid-September. Michigan author Terry Mark and I were there in July, but neither one of sold a single book. We've been told that September is a better time for authors. We'll see. I hope that A SHADOW ON THE SNOW will be out by then. As for my Wings books, I'll be able to sell them at a library event in January.

I'm going to hit Publish Post now and see what happens. :)


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