Sunday, August 07, 2005

Several years ago I created a newsletter for friends called Because I Said So. Hardly original, but I used it to send my reviews of current movies they should see. Why? BISS--Because I Said So!

I had a rating system:
Full price--go see this now!
Matinee--go see it, but don't pay as much
Rent--Wait until it comes to a store near you
TV--You've already paid for it, so it's all right, go on and see it
Don't you have anything better to do with your time?--You're going to watch what?

So I thought I'd start up the BISS reviews again. Just remember it's my opinion only.

Last night a friend brought over the DVD of The Chorus, 2004, French, about boys in a reform school in 1949, saved through the power of music. I really liked it: the acting, the story, the ending that made me smile. Now, the best you can do is rent it, but if I'd seen it at the theatre, it would have been worth full price.

So something at the theatre now: March of the Penguins. Paid a big-city matinee price (higher than small town full price, btw). It was like NOVA on steroids. All that ice--perfect place to spend an August afternoon! I'd have to say it was a full price experience and I hope it makes oodles of money just to prove that not only does hard work and dedication pay off, but also there's this huge market for G-rated family films that don't insult your intelligence.

Till I'm back at the movies,

Kay Sisk

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