Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wings presence at RWA National was awesome!!!

Hi Guys,
I'm back from RWA National and getting back into the writing swing. Wings authors took part in the Literacy Signing a week ago Wednesday. Sherry Mathewson was there with her laptop, first chapters and flyer packets. I think Pat Worley was there (but she definately had a very useful heart-shaped rubber "round-to-it" in the goodie room), and I was there giving away a free copy of my teacher's guide to Outside Time in a drawing and little bags of saltwater taffy with my businesss card attached along with first chapters and flyer packets. I also had my dedicated fictionwise ereader and my handheld. Over 60 people stopped to chat with me, (I know because that's how many bags of candy I had!), and most seemed impressed with the ways to read ebooks.

Cathy Miller
Outside Time and Regardless of Time

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