Thursday, July 24, 2008

Southern Exposure debuts August 1st

“Goooood morning, Potter’s Kiln. This is Jack MacNair welcoming y’all to a bright ’n’ cheery day. Good news. Dixie Nettles gave birth to a twelve-pound—ouch!—baby boy at two-fifteen this morning. I was there, folks. What an experience.
“You know, the whole birthing trip really freaks me out. I mean, I witnessed the little pooper inhaling his first breath of life, and when the cord to the Mother Ship was severed, I’m man enough to admit I burst into tears. The whole vicious circle of birth, life and death hit me hard.
“I ask you, what does this kid have to look forward to in his lifetime? Those of us who’ve peed in the dirt before him have sketched out his future, unless of course he’s another Leonardo Da Vinci and can paint a fresh ceiling for his own generation.
“I’m talking about the maladies afflicting our planet, people. With the likes of herpes, syphilis, AIDS, and gingivitis just waiting to take us down, epidemically speaking we’re all walking time bombs. Should we continue to bring future generations into this world knowing what’s in store for them? Consider this a public service announcement, P.K. Brush your teeth, floss, and always wear a raincoat, even if it’s a road you’ve traveled before.
“Speaking of which, anyone seeing Gator Nettles, currently dodging the postpartum wrath of Dixie, she’s asked me to relay a message: ‘Come any closer, and I’ll twist your human C.B. antenna into a pretzel.’ Hey, that says it all for me.”
~ * ~
For Kat, Day Two as resident of Potter County Courthouse began with the changing of the guard. Rooster burst through the doors at six a.m. sharp with such an explosion, it spurred his snoozing deputy to keel heels-over-head backward in the Naugahyde chair.
Ripped from her own sleep, Kat stared at Junior, yawning in Cell #1. For a split moment she stared through her bridal veil at the hog without comprehension. Then it hit her. It wasn’t a nightmare.

Images of King swam through her mind, and as fear shivered down her spine, she buried her face in the pillow. She’d done it. She had cut ties with her brother. Panic tried to take hold, but she fought back with a lifetime of memories of King’s words and actions, along with the belittling behavior of her grandmother, her mother, and her father. She had finally cut her losses and declared emancipation.

With reservation she looked at the sheriff, noticing he had brought her purse from the Andromeda, along with a white bag that filled the room with a delicious aroma. “What did you do with my sister?” she demanded. Rooster replied with an immoral grin. The day before, just as she had pried the lock from the jail’s back door and taken a step through, Kat heard a squeal and turned to find her sister swept up in the sheriff’s arms. Left with no choice but to return to her cell, Kat expected Rooster to deposit Miranda in the cell with her. Instead, he took her into the interrogation room and shut the door. Minutes later, Miranda roared out, her hair disheveled; her complexion a fiery hue. Rooster emerged behind her, the white imprint of Miranda’s hand on his copper-colored cheek.“You took what I said all wrong,” Rooster called after her. “I didn’t mean—”
“I know the governor of this state,” Miranda shouted with a fury Kat didn’t know she possessed, “and I intend to tell him what you just said to me.”
Open-mouthed, Kat could only watch the sheriff race from the courthouse after her sister, not to return, until now. “I demand to know what you did with Miranda,” Kat now bellowed when it appeared the man would not answer her question.
Rooster arched a brow. “If you want to know, you’ll have to ask her.”
“I intend to. Where the hell is she?”
Rooster removed a Styrofoam cup from the white bag. “Still sleeping, I suspect.”
Baffled, Kat felt some of the steam seep out of her hostility. “Do you plan to keep me locked up until the Second Coming? I’d like to pay my fine and go.”
After tossing her purse within reach, Rooster grabbed his calculator and pummeled the buttons until they screamed for mercy. Kat expected the worst. The sheriff knew she came from money, and from prior experience with people, she expected him to fine her a hefty sum. However, the joke would be on him. She no longer had ties to billions.
“One hundred thousand dollars.”
“Is that all?” Delighted the law-dog had not tried to bilk her for a fortune after all, Kat offered him her purse. “I don’t want to chip my nails. Would you dig out my debit card?”
With a sneer, Rooster obliged, but after swiping it through the electronic VeriFone, he shook his head. “Nope. No good.”
Kat gasped. “Ridiculous. I have umpteen thou... Try again.”
He did, and again shook his head. “Says here the card has been terminated.”
“Terminated?” Kat sat down hard on the cot. King. Obviously he had been busy messing with her personal finances to teach her a lesson. “May I write you a check?”
“Would you open my checkbook and tear one out for me? I don’t want to...”
“I know, I know,” Rooster growled. “Chip your nails.”
After scribbling her signature on a check, Kat shoved it through the bars. “Now tell me where I can find my sister and—”
“Not so fast.” Rooster picked her check off the floor and put it in his pocket. “I’m not releasing you until this clears the bank.”
“But, this is Sunday. It won’t clear for three, four days.” She heard the panic in her own voice. Realizing panic would not help her case, she reached deep for maturity. “You can’t legally hold me.”
Rooster shrugged. “I’m the law here in Potter County. I say you stay put."

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blogging for fun or profit

I thought blogging was about revealing all those personal secrets. It kept me from trying for a long time. Then I decided I was being old-fashioned. The web is the new marketplace for ebooks and an author needs to use every tool available. I don't like to talk about certain personal areas of my life and I ventured onto the net to see if I could be 'different'. I checked every blog I saw listed in someone's signature. Very few are personal info. Many are sources of writing info, interviews of authors, the list is all about variety.
I can't say my blog is the best although I am proud to have it up and running. I'm inviting you to come over to and help me get those tiny wings to fly.
Barbara Edwards to read excerpts or order books.

New Book Trailer

I'm so proud of myself I can't see straight! I, the computer idiot, have just made a book trailer for The Welcome Inn, my romantic suspense novel! And guess what? It was fun. I'm so thrilled I'm working on another one right now. I'd love to share my masterpiece with everyone. If you'll go to you can watch it. If I messed up the link just go to and search for The Welcome Inn. Let me know what you thought.

Thanks for reading!
Elaine Cantrell
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Audio Book Question

Audio books are being discussed on one of the (many) email loops I'm on, and I got curious.....consequently I have a poll going on my new Yahoo group.

If you have some spare time, would you mind popping over to vote?

I don't think you have to be a member to me be wrong. If you do, and you don't wish to join, you could post your answer here. :)

[It is a very low-traffic group, so if you do join you won't have to worry about your mailbox.]

The question is: Do you prefer a male or female voice as your romance audio book narrator, or does gender not matter to you?

Thank you very much for helping me out!!! :)

- Susanne

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Blogging, trailers and blog lists

Please come visit me at my author Blog ( and leave your blog address so I can add it to my bloglist.

Also please stop by and see my trailer for my book out a few years ago with Wings, Blind Spot

Lynn Romaine


A whistle like an approaching train sounded in the distance, getting closer and closer at an alarming rate of speed.
Akasha tensed and laid back her ears as the noise rose to a piercing shriek, hurting her eardrums. She sensed danger, terrible danger.
“Flatten yourself in the bottom of the boat, my darling Cairo, under one of the seats,” instinct made her call out above the driving winds. “Boys, get under me.”
“I want to come to you, Mamma,” Cairo wailed.
“It’s too late, baby. Do as Mamma says.” Akasha flattened herself over Cosmo and Cubbie, stretching her paws out in four different directions and putting her head down.
The shrieking noise escalated and the building collapsed around them like so much kindling, leaving the cats inside a gray funnel that picked them up, held them suspended in air for several heartbeats, then, like a giant fist opening, dropped them in the water. The boat landed with a splash several yards away, teetering madly on the waves.
As Akasha and the two male kittens hit the water an icy swell washed over them. Akasha pushed hard to the surface. She looked around frantically. “Cosmo, Cubbie where are you?” she howled, fear beating at her like the relentless waves.
“Mamma,” Cairo called out several yards away.
“Hang on, baby,” Akasha mewed, swallowing a mouthful of water as a second wave crested over her. Again she fought her way to the surface. The pounding rain mixed with her tears as she called frantically, “Cosmo. Cubbie. Where are you, babies?”
She treaded water and turned in frenetic circles, trying to look through the towering dark waves, but the rain streamed down in liquid sheets, blinding her. Everywhere, nothing but water and the boat bobbing farther and farther away, while Cairo’s voice grew weaker. “Mamma, save me. Save me, Mamma.”
“I’m coming, baby, I’m coming.” Pushing herself, she stretched one paw in front of another. She was so tired and the icy water froze her muscles, making movement an impossible effort as the rain pelted her.
A huge gray wave crashed over her. She sank in the freezing water, her drenched coat of fur weighing her down. With the rest of her remaining strength she pushed to the surface only to be hit with another angry wave. She tried to fight her way back to the top but this time her legs refused to move and the water sucked her under. My babies. She closed her eyes and drifted down. I’m dying and I can’t save them, was her last conscious thought.

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It's time for the Snowy Season Surprise Contest again! Visit author SUSANNE MARIE KNIGHT's Romance Writing with a Twist website and sign up for her 2008 Snowy Season Surprise Contest. The *surprise* will be an autographed copy of one of her best-selling books. Which one it will be is up to you! Goody bag also includes cool prizes, promo items, and lots of seasonal fun!

Contest ends on January 15, 2009. Only one entry per person, please! Go to and click on the contest button for details. Good luck! And please feel free to browse the site and sign up for her newsletter: Knight Dreams. :))


Susanne Marie Knight
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The Wakefield Disturbance: Psychic Lara Wakefield is tasked by a murdered young girl to find her killer.
Book Trailer:
Coming in September:
Sojourn Through Time--What happens when a nearly betrothed duke discovers an unexpected "package" mysteriously delivered to his estate?

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Listen to "Fires of Belenus"

A chapter from my novel "Fires of Belenus" was selected and read on the British internet program the "Celtic Myth Pod Show".
The show is done live from, Eastbourne by the Sea. The reading is done by Gary Colcombe, moderator of the show. Gary is known for bringing Celtic tales and myths to your fireside in the finest bardic tradition. As story tellers go, there is none better.

The story appears in Summer Special part II and it is the second feature in the program. The narration has been enhanced with sound effects and music, a truly professional job.
Just click on the link below to the pod shows site. The show is available in every format available. Once you on the site it will lead you to the program.

Take Care
William Russeth
"Fires of Belenus" Wings-Press:

For more information and excerpts visit the website:

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Akasha raised her pretty calico head and sniffed the air. Something about the brooding stillness didn’t feel right. There was too much electricity in the heavy atmosphere. The cat peeped out the cubbyhole in the boathouse, where she made her home, and looked at a sky turned black with storm clouds. The waves of the lake lifted and hit against the shore with a sharp slap that made her flinch. Thunder rumbled. In the distance a bolt of lightning cut through the dark and hurled a sizzling blaze of light to the ground.
“Mamma, I’m scared.” A tiny replica of herself, down to the gold spot on her chin and black splotch on her right shoulder, peeped at her from the top of an old wooden fishing boat resting upright on a flat webbing rack supported by eyehooks.
“Don’t worry, Cairo. Mamma’s here. Mamma will take care of you.” Akasha purred. Her first litter and she was so proud. She’d never known kittens that were as smart or as cute as her little five-week old darlings. She’d had no idea how it would feel to be a mom. That nothing in the world would ever matter as much as these three balls of fluff. She would lay down her life to keep them safe.
Cairo’s head disappeared abruptly, followed by a hollow thump as she fell to the bottom of the boat. “I’m okay, Mamma,” Cairo’s voice sounded muffled as she sang out from the bowels of the boat. “Oh look, I found a leaf.”
“That’s nice, dear.” Akasha lay on an old towel deep in the shadows of the boathouse, Cubbie and Cosmo, her two boys, drowsing beside her.
A crack of thunder sounded close by and a streak of blinding lightning landed almost on top of the building. The sound of splintering wood followed a great whoosh and the maple next to the boathouse crashed to the ground.
The wind picked up at a frightening rate.
The two boys woke with a start and burrowed against her. “What was that, Mamma?” Cubbie asked, raising his little black head to look around.
Blowing gusts howled. The heavens opened and rain battered the building pinging off the steel roof like the rat-a-tat-tat of bullets.
“Mamma.” Cosmo tried to burrow under her.
“Mamma, I’m scared,” Cairo called out.
A whistle like an approaching train sounded in the distance, getting closer and closer at an alarming rate of speed.
Akasha tensed and laid back her ears as the noise rose to a piercing shriek, hurting her eardrums. She sensed danger, terrible danger.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

E-Books and the Fictional Future

Love them or hate them, most readers have an opinion about the E-book format. A great many of us like their convenience, but don't think they'll ever replace "real", paper books. We like the tactile presence of the pages turning in our hands. Others say that's because we grew up with paper books and future generations won't have that emotional tie. So let's take a look at two television representations of the future:

Star Trek has always believed in E-books, right from the very beginning. There are still "antique" books around, but otherwise, everyone reads off of their hand-held devices.

Consequently, it truly surprised me when the recent Doctor Who two-parter, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, had the Doctor and Donna visit a world-size library of the distant future - and it was all paper books! Did the builders realize that if they'd put all those books in e-book format, it might have taken up only a continent instead of a whole world? And then it turns out that the computer which runs the library has access to the contents of all the books. How is that possible unless the books have been scanned into the computer? In which case they ARE available in e-book format. So isn't their paper presence a duplication of labor and space?

Also, I assume none of these paper books can be checked out because if they weren't returned, their knowledge would be lost...except to the computer. Another reason to have e-book copies. They would be far more portable, too. Can you imagine visiting an entire WORLD of books? I check out 60-some books from a university-size library. My space-ship would never be able to lift-off.

Not to mention the un-green-ness of this situation - all the trees that died to make those books! Because it turns out they weren't collected from other libraries - oh, no, they were all printed up new using the wood-pulp from a planet of forests. Lovely. Wipe out an entire planet of forests to build a planet of books.

Now, that is where the writer, Steven Moffat, got clever. Because had those forests not been consumed for paper for the books, none of the terrible things that happen next would have happened. So Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead play very well as a warning about the dire consequences of ignoring ecological conservation practices. Had the library contained E-books, the Doctor and Donna would have simply had a nice visit to a busy library and all the patrons would have lived happily ever after. So I guess you can say that Doctor Who believes in E-books, too.

Now, I know some of you are reading this and thinking, "That's all you have to say about that two-parter? You're kidding!" I must admit that another of my thoughts upon watching it was, "So the Doctor's taste in girlfriends gets even MORE annoying over time??!!"

But I'm not a Doctor Who 'shipper. X-Files? Hell, yes. Doctor Who? Not so much. Probably because I watched Original Who, where sex was no part of the Doctor's - or anyone's - life, I just don't have a place for it in my Who-niverse. So I find 'shippiness annoying, no matter what form it takes.

I can see how the episodes would depress Ten/Rose 'shippers, though, and I sympathize. Technically, if Rose is The One, then having the Doctor fall in love with every other woman he meets just makes him look like a slut. He abandons Rose on a people-eating ship for that French chick, he has a close relationship with Astrid, and he has a terribly close relationship - where he tells her his name (and he hasn't even told Rose that) - with River Song.

I liked the "everybody lives" bit at the end, though. I think you have to have watched Original Who to really appreciate that. I'm guessing that Steven Moffat was, like me, scarred by the original series, in which EVERYBODY DIES. Seriously. The cast of each episode was: The Doctor, the companion(s), and Miscellaneous Red-shirts (to use a Star Trek term).

You'd meet all sorts of cool characters and they'd all be dead by the end of the story. I remember many times thinking, "Please don't let him/her get killed off." while watching the old series. One time the fellow I liked survived and I was elated!!! Note how it was "one time".

So I really enjoy when Steven Moffat figures out how to let everybody live at the end of his stories.

And I hope next time the Doctor visits a library or reads in the Tardis, he will pull out a hand-held device instead of a paper book.