Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hello from sizzling Arizona. The monsoon has arrived, which means I can lock myself up in the air conditioning for at least the next six to eight weeks and write, write, write. Except for little diversions such as this, of course.

My debut novel, a mystery titled Past Imperfect, is set for publication September 2006. That seems like such a long way off until I think about everything I have to do before the big day -- like getting my next book finished. It's coming along well. I had a few false starts, trying to get my protag down just right, but now she and I are getting to know each other well enough to make for smoother sailing. My working title is Due Diligence, but then again, I changed the title for Past Imperfect three times before I finished it.

I love to talk about just about anything, so belly up to the keyboard and shoot some questions our way.

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