Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hi all. Back from my writer's workshop. What a fantastic time I had. Not only did I get autographs on books from William Kent Krueger and Jeffery Deaver, but I actually got to talk to them at length. Okay for about a half hour total and some of it was dangling behind someone else's shoulder but I did manage a couple of spine-tingling comments like, "Wow" or "So cool." You get the picture.
In reality I was able to receive a one-on-one critique from W K Krueger, a real favorite of mine, and he ENJOYED MY STORY and LOVED MY TITLE. Even the side citicisms were gentle and I hope I didn't slobber on him. I can't remember. The most exciting thing is that he is going to do a blurb for Shepherd's Pie, my book coming out in Nov. ARRRGGGGHHHHH.
Now that my heart is back in the correct ventricle I need to get on with finishing my next book.
First I must repel from my ceiling position and settle down into my chair.

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