Friday, July 22, 2005

I called and confirmed my reservations for the Writers Of The Future Awards banquet in Seattle next month. I'm still wondering why I got an invite. Hoping--fingers crossed and everything--it's because my story "Jaded" was one of the winners.

That would be SO cool.

Regardless it's an opportunity to visit the new sci-fi museum in Seattle, and hobnob with a few big name authors. Maybe I'll get to meet one of my idols...out of the few who are still with us, that is. I know Brian Herbert, Frank's son, is one of the judges. Alas, Heinlein is gone to that great writer's convention in the sky, so he's unlikely to show up.

The man I'd dearly love to meet, however, is Spider Robinson.

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Eric James Stone said...

So you don't get your hopes up too much, I'll tell you that if you're a WOTF winner, you know it long before the awards ceremony invitations go out.

Keep trying, though, because if you do win, it's a great experience. They fly the winners out for a week-long writers workshop before the awards.