Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nancy/Honor here.

I worked some more on SWORD AND ILLUSION last night. I was going to put off writing this week because my inlaws are here and consquently, my DD15 won't be taking her usual three hours to watch DS3 every afternoon, but last night my DH found me playing on the computer NOT writing and said something. Anyway, chapters 4 and 5 and 5.5 are ready for him (he's my critiquer and he's TOUGH) to look over. I have up to 8 written, but he wanted to look at them before I move on. Today, if there is time, I will work on 6-8 and possibly move on. I am eager to write new stuff and frankly to get this book out to Wings to see what they think. It's the sequel to ATTACK OF THE QUEEN which seems to be my bestseller. I'd like to get a few more books out there.

I have another inspirational or sweet contemporary romance finished, and a nice writer friend has read the whole book and was nice enough to mark it up for me. When SWORD AND ILLUSION is finished (or when the whole thing is in my critiquer's hands) I'll work on that one.

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