Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Have you ever wondered where your favorite Wings ePress author came up with the idea for his or her story? Or how the author took that idea and transformed it into a mesmerizing tale of love, fantasy, or intrigue? Or what voice beckoned and nudged and persuaded until the urge to write could be denied no more?

If you've been itching for answers for these questio
ns and just about any other ones you can dream up, then you're in luck. The warm, funny, and diverse family of Wings authors are waiting to hear from you.

In addition to answering your questions, they'll pop by from time to time to share news about their current projects, where they'll be chatting or signing or being interviewed, or perhaps just to share their feelings about what's going on in their lives, their community, or the world.

So come on in and sit a spell. You never know what you might learn. When you're ready to leave, we invite you to explore the links to our publisher and our individual websites. Thank you for visiting. Come back soon.

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