Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hey all

Angela back here again. I love to chat! LOL starts tomorrow night for another week *sigh* I SO wish I could stay home and write for a living, but there you have it, we can't have everything. *sulking*

I stayed up until 2am writing this morning, then bailed out to bed and read until 3am. What? It's a perfectly reasonable time to go to bed. fell out this morning at 12:30pm. Yes, i do consider that a reasoanble time to get up LOL.

Had a lazy arvo - ate chips and twistes (Mother helped) and watched JAWS. Yes, I finally made it to JAWS! It is a classic, need I say it again? LOL I really must get out JAWS 2 & 3 on my next week off.

Land of the Dead is playing at the cinema. I want to watch that. Will go on my next week off, if it's still playing. What is it about zombies and vampires that is so cool?

Angela Verdenius

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Cathy Miller said...

Hi Angelal,
Like you, I just need more hours in my day. But I'm sooo behind in my movie watching it is almost funny. My teenage girls did rent the new Phantom of the Opera for me to see a couple of months ago and I LOVED it. Having just returned from RWA nationals here in the US, I have a new ton of TBR. contemporary for them and historical and paranormals for me!

author of Outside Time and Regardless of Time