Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hey Fellow Wingies!

I finally made it.....LOL. This place is hopping and why not?!! We Wing authors love to write. I've just got back to normal after bombay city (India) came to a standstill because of flooding. A Mega city at a total loss becoz of the fury of nature. On one hand watching the images on TV of the total devastation was mind numbing -- on the other hand you couldn't help but be awed...LOL (a strange paradox!)

I waded through chest high water for three hours from my office -- me and my preg 7 month old belly till I reached the relative safety of a friend's house. Nothing except people and water moved. Vehicles lay submerged in the rising water, trains hapless on the track and buses stalled in the middle of roads gnarled with traffic at a virtual standstill. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Well, I am back from the whole episode whole and hearty and like Leslie suggested - maybe I will use this to write a story.....LOL. For now, I'm ready to rock on and write what lies neglected on my computer....


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