Monday, August 01, 2005

Hi all!

Back again. I have finished a week of nights, and now have a glorious week off work, before I go back for another week. Currently I'm working 7 on, 7 off, which is pretty cool *g*

So now I can go back to writing - inbetween weeding the back, spraying the weeds, running errands, playing catch-up and watching JAWS. Yes, that's right, JAWS. The movie was on last night, and Mum taped it for me. Man, that film is the best! JAWS is a classic that never grows old! It's definitly the lounge-in-the-sofa-and-snack-on-junk-food-and-drink-lots-of-diet-coke movie. How can anyone not be entertained by the site of those ruddy great gnashers chomping away at a boat/leg/anything else?

can you tell I love the JAWS movie? LOL

I'm moping a bit, as I love horror movies, and there's a new vampire movie out...on DVD! I don't have a DVD! Well, no, that's not strictly correct. I DO have a DVD, but it won't work on our old TV...which is about twenty years old...not to mention the picture is going, too. So Mum and I are off to the shops this week to investigate tellies. Yes, that's right. Two people who have not a clue about anything electronical, going to brave the big bad electrical goods people. but we have a plan! We're sticking to the " We want a cheapish telly with no fancy gadgets, no speakers you have to put elsewhere, and simpy plays the TV, the video and the DVD. that's it. Finito." Because that's about all two technically challenegd women can handle. geez, I'll even have to get one of my friends across to tune the darn thing in! providing, of course, that we actually get to BUY a TV. these things take time -such as looking at the bank balance and pile of bills, and going..."Uh...we better wait." but we figure if we look, we're a step in the right direction. Right? Right. (Glad you agree)

man, right now, I really feel like a piece of choccie. LOL Must go and have a bowl of choc chip ice cream, which is the closest I'll get to anything remotely like chocolate tonight. I already finished off the chocolate cake sprinkles *sheepish grin*

cheers all!

Angela Verdenius

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