Monday, September 19, 2005

Hi all

I have been very remiss in not posting here lately! (Someone smack me LOL). What have I been up to?

Well, I just recently finished writing my latest book and submitted it (now for the nail-biting wait). It's the longest I've written so far, coming in at 146,000 plus words *sheepish grin* Don't ask me how I got so carried away...

I've got the first bookings sorted for some cats to be sterilized with subsidy assistance from the Cat Sterilization Society. This is a project we're trialing here in my town of Geraldton in West Aussie. Summer means so many hopeless and abandoned cats andkittens, and we're hoping that a subsidized sterilzation will assists pensioners and those with a health care card i.e low income earners - to sterilize their cats. My friend June, who runs the cat rehoming program ( and is one of the onyl 2 members of the Cat sterilization Scoety - me being the other LOL) already has an abandoned pregnant mother cat at her place, and about three litters of kittens on her books needeing homes. It's going to be a bad season, by the looks of it.

I spent Saturday weeding the *bleep* garden and sweeping up all the leaves and branches from storms. I HATE gardening! But it looked like a wilderness out there, and I was scared I'd get sucked into the great unknown of weed wilderness if I didn't do something about it.

Now I'm back at work for another week. Oh yeah, have a literary luncheon to go to on Saturday...and as I knock off work that morning, I'm hoping I don't end up lying there with my face on the plate while the other writers chat merrily on and look all bright and perky. And I'm nervous as heck about the whole thing!

All the Wingies have been working hard on getting something going for our readers on the Wingsreaders list

What else....guess that's about it! Doesn't sound like much, but believe me, it was a full week last week, and a fuller one this week

Angela Verdenius

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