Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hi all

oops - we have been remiss in posting! LOL We're all caught up in so many things, but we haven't forgotten you.

I have a new release coming out next month, Heart of a Traitor, which is book 9 in the futuristic romance Heart & Soul series.

What else. I've had a month off from writing and have been reading like crazy. I'm hanging out for my 2 weeks annual leave over Christmas - first time in years I've had holidays at Christmas! whoo hoo! LOL

Of course, I have to make a fast visit to my brother, who lives about 400kms away. I need to deliver the Chrismas presents for him, my SIl & my adorable niece Chloe. Spend a few days there, then back home again in time for Christmas.

I've actually got just about ALL my Christmas shopping done *yay!*. Only have a few things to pick up.

Okay, enough bragging, I'm thinking . have fun!

Angela Verdenius

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Cathy Miller said...

Hey Angela,
I'm impressed. YOur shopping already done???? I haven't even thought of it yet.

Well, not quite true. In my other life, I'm a Mary Kay cosmetic consultant and I am having fun doing a Thanksgiving promo through my Mary Kay website.

I hesitate to say this, but maybe I'm finally learning to be more organized???? Nay. But it was a fun thought.

Was a little worried at first about meshing my MaryKay life with my writing, (thought I might be taking away from my writing) but I've discovered just the oposite. Getting more done in both areas than ever.