Thursday, May 18, 2006

Quotes, Creativity, and Inspiration

I'll admit it. I'm a lover of quotes. They usually get my muse going if it's mired in a muddy mix of procrastination, writer's block (the myth) or any of the other places my mind tends to get way laid.

"If words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart, but if they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears." AL-SUHRAWARD (1154-1191) Persia

Wise, very wise. In my mind that says; write from the heart. I almost typed right from the heart - in either sense it would have been correct. See as ancient as the message is, it still is true today. When you enjoy a great book, it's because your emotions have been involved in the reading. When you write a great book, it's because your pen has been dipped in the ink of your heart, drawn with emotion.

Here's another to ponder.
"Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy; pure creative energy." Julia Cameron (Author of The Artist's Way and other great books) In spring more than anyother time of year the re-creation/creativity of nature herself is strongly evident. But it is there all the time, even in the dead of a frozen northern winter. Beneath the snow, a rejuvenating process is going on, much as your body rejuvenates itself in a deep and refreshing sleep. So if it's the natural order of life, my creative writing should explode onto the page with a rejuvenating passion everytime I pick up a pen. It is my right. Or is it my duty, perhaps only a privilege.

As I sit here procastinating, finding excuses not to go out into this blustery day and mow the lawns of our two houses like I know I should, I wonder and my mind does wander. It barely hit 50 degrees at noon -- It feels 30 with the gale force winds that beat little beads of rain into my skin as I walked to the post office to get my mail and send out packages and letters.

My grandaughter got married this past week end. A truly different and individualist wedding reflective of her personality. A photogenic angel, rebellious in a quiet, assertive sort of way--she wore orange. A beautiful gown hidding the combat boots and camaflage stocking beneath it. Her wedding cake a tower of chocolate, frosted in turquoise and white icing with the groom and bride topping it - the groom a skeleton in tuxedo the bride an undead creature in blue gown. *sigh* The characters were from a video game I have seen advertised, but I can't name it. The groom, my grandaughter's husband now, wore a pin stripe suit, spats and a gangster hat reminiscent of the old Elliot Ness "Untouchables," Chicago mobster movies of decades ago.

I danced every dance, not nearly until dawn -- had pizza for the reception meal--and on the long drive home, wondered about the state of things. How different a '60's wedding, I wouldn't have dared rebel and do something so unconventional.

Plenty of fodder for my muse--so why do I feel blocked and unproductive this week? Do I regret my safe, middle of the road, unadventurous track? Yes, I'm a writer and by some standards unconventional in that career--but it was only now, way later that I feel free enough to be just a tiny bit of what I really wanted to be all those years ago when I was Nicole's age. *sigh* Life does move on. Be sure to seize the day--grab it with gusto, live it like you mean it!

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