Tuesday, August 01, 2006

IT'S AUGUST! What are you up to?

I so enjoy seeing the photos of Wings authors out and about. Makes me excited about next year's Romantic Times convention, where I hope to see some new Wingnuts as well as my friends from years past.

My first Wings release was a launch book.
STARCROSSED HEARTS came out in September, 2001, and is still enjoying modest sales (mostly my own hand-selling) and its sequel, A HERO'S PROMISE, (Golden Wings Award winner) is also doing well. Yesterday I got a phone call from a fan who was downright blubbering about how she could not put AHP down. Of course I was filled with glee at her joy. Made me feel so guilty that I have not yet finished the third and final book in the trilogy, THE GYPSY IN ME. So I need to get back to it!

I've been busy on other projects, like launching a photo-arts business, writing ultra-sensual shorts, finishing up a new romantic mystery (due out in Feb 07:
POINT SURRENDER from Echelon Press) and still working on my next young adult title.

But what are you doing? It's been way too quiet on this blog! Speak up, y'all! And be sure to sign your posts -- I've noticed far too many from unidentified posters!

Anne Carter

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Anabel Blue said...

Well I sure hope you finish that third book. Your fans deserve better than to be strung out on a limb!!

And what's with killing off characters, anyway! I could have killed YOU for doing that, LOL! Sheesh, you make us fall in love with a guy, then BAM! He's gone!

I guess I can't blame you. Maybe the other guy was supposed to get the girl all along.

Either way, I am dying for the last book, so write it, will you please?