Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, great news. My third novel is out tomorrow. Her Name Is Mommy is a continuation of the story of Chicago PI Mike Shepherd. This time he's trying to save the life of a little girl's mommy who was kidnapped in broad daylight from a busy shopping mall at Christmas time. And, as usual, he gets into trouble. First he's not too thrilled with the FBI agent in charge of the case, then he takes the place of the victim's husband to deliver a ransom. Of course, things go wrong and he's captured by the kidnappers -made up of a family who thinks going on a crime spree is fun. There are many twists and turns and you won't believe the ending.
Here's a wonderful review by Michael Murphy. By the way he is an awesome writer and his books should be on your to be read list.

In the tradition of Mickey Spillane, J. D. Webb crafts another taught thriller that brings back tough guy private investigator, Mike Shepherd. Her Name Is Mommy is a thrill ride that will keep breathless readers guessing through a maze of plot twists.
Grateful when a Christmas shopping trip with girlfriend Diana Barton is interrupted by a kidnapping at a shopping mall, Shepherd, hero of Webb’s novel Shepherd’s Pie, takes charge. The wife of a wealthy Chicago contractor has been kidnapped, leaving behind four-year-old Madison. Mall security, police, and the FBI offer far less than the hard-boiled detective. Shepherd offers to switch places with the kidnapped woman’s husband and delivers three million dollars in diamonds to a bold gang of kidnappers led by desperate ex-con Bryan Bisch.
Bisch’s motives go beyond the millions in ransom money. Blaming the contractor for the arrest that led to his imprisonment, Bisch intends to kill the contractor and the hostage. Only one man stands in the way of his well-planned perfect crime, Mike Shepherd.
Aided by the resourcefulness of the brave hostage, Shepherd seizes an opportunity. In an old-fashioned suspenseful shootout, he frees the hostage, but a final twist nearly ends Shepherd’s life.
The end will leave the reader wanting more Mike Shepherd novels. Here’s hoping that J. D. Webb doesn’t make us wait too long.
Michael Murphy
Class of ‘68
Cold File
Pick up a copy and enjoy. As always I do not include graphic violence, sex or offensive language in any of my stories. Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.
Shepherd’s Pie (Golden Wings Award winner)
Moon Over Chicago (Now available)
Her Name Is Mommy (Dec 2007)
The Smudge (coming soon)


Angela Verdenius said...

sounds great Dave. I see it's available from today - had a peek at Wings release page. So are you intending to continue this as a series, and if so, how many books do you ensvisage?


Dave Webb said...

Yes, I intend to continue the series. I've begun the next titled Aftermath. It's my hope that fans will clamor for number twenty-one so much I'll have to write it.