Saturday, January 26, 2008

Interview Questions for Blog Tour from Dee Carey

1. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil though I never really thought about writing for publication until way later in life simply because it was never deemed a reasonable idea from my families point of view. We always were encouraged to read and read widely. But the thought that we might actually become published authors, that was unrealistic. When I look back on it, it was funny because Mom was so supportive of our career efforts in the 9 – 5 type grind.

2. What do you now know that you wished you learned at the beginning of your career?
That anyone can be a writer – correct that, that any one can do whatever it is they want to do if they put enough effort and energy into it. I had no self-confidence and I was so lousy at English Grammar in school, who would have thought. Once I decided this was something I wanted to do, there is no stopping me. Too bad it took me darn near 50 years to know that.

3. Does your family support you and your work?
My husband Tom is very supportive. If it wasn’t for him I might still not be doing it. My twin sisters in law are great they buy everything I write {smile} My own daughters are starting to think that hey, maybe Mom does know something after all. You know how children are – when they are 18 they know everything and eventually they wonder how their parents got so smart so quickly. Not that I’m smart but they think I might be an author now. I guess it took getting a few books published before my family thought this was something more than a fluke. They still expect me to give them copies of anything if I want them to read it.

4. You write all types of books, do you have a favorite? Why?
I think I’ve said it before, but one life is just not enough for me. . . So I write in order to live a few different lives. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things and writing in different genres is no exception. I read widely, I guess that is why I think I want to try writing different things. There are a few things I haven’t tried like fantasy, Sci fi, horror, and a children’s picture book – though I might some day. Right now my favorite is mystery because I love exploring the unknown or the unanswered. What if? is my mantra, like the two year old with the “why”? I want to know, so I write about it.

5. What is the reason you write?
I like Isaac Asimov’s quote and I paraphrase it here —-I write for the same reason I breathe, for without it I would die.! I write because I can not NOT write. After a couple rejections (I’ve received way more then a couple) I thought that’s it I’m not writing any more. Well that lasted as long as it took me to file the rejection… I must write, it’s in my blood.

If you had a million dollars would you still write? Absolutely! I just love it. I love finding out how something is going to come out. I love designing characters and pitting them against the world, themselves and each other. I love to write to find out what I have to say.

6. What do you hope to leave as a legacy?
Inspiration, joy, entertainment, the thought that I contributed something of lasting value to my children, grandchildren, my family and the world, to me that would be the best legacy.

7. You have helped so many authors do you feel a sense of pride in the work of those you've assisted?
I love to watch others grow and if I can help in some small way, you bet it makes me feel good inside. I know it wasn’t me who did it. It was the person I may have encouraged or helped in some small way. It was their own decision to try, and try again until whatever it was moved so they could succeed. I am as proud as I can be when I see other authors that have brushed my life growing into what they might become. It’s rather like seeing a child you’ve nurtured go out into the world and succeed. We all increase each other’s worth by what we can give of ourselves. It’s the most amazing thing in the world to me.

Dee Thank you so much for your insightful and interesting questions. It was a joy to answer them and to visit your beautiful blog. Thanks also for sharing your blog space and your readers with me. I can’t wait to learn more about fox when you visit my blog in the very near future. Incredible creatures made more so by your extraordinary writing talent.

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