Monday, March 31, 2008


A tiny paw clawed at him as he fought for the teat. Shardai hung on tenaciously. Warm, life-giving milk spurted down his throat, as he worked the pulsing surface with paws no larger than a human child’s fingernail.
When he finally drank his fill, he loosened his hold and let a little gray tabby that reminded him of Lolita take his place. At least, he thought it was a gray tabby. He blinked, trying to focus his blurred vision.
He cuddled against his mother’s soft fur, his hind legs pushing against a brother or sister. Shardai raised his head and tried to look around.
He had come back as a ten-day old kitten. He would have preferred coming back as an adult, but one was not given choices when one time warped. The only thing that was a given was that he had come back in the present. Ten days after his death. Ah, so that was why he inhabited a ten-day-old body. And if he hadn’t inhabited it, some other traveler would have.
His mother began to lick him. “I felt your entry into the body of my child. Welcome, my son.”

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Historical Writer/Editor said...

Oh, this is precious! I love cats.