Saturday, April 12, 2008

The 12th Kiss: available now with Wings ePress

This is a Regency-set romance, set in the year 1820, but it is not a traditional Regency. It's quite adventurous.

Here's a little about it. :)

Relief Moore is an American in London. She can fight and dresses as Raphael to battle crime. Lord Cheltham befriends Raphael. They peruse the streets stopping lawlessness. He doesn't know that Raphael is the woman he's in love with. When he finds out, he tries to stop her escapades, but she won't have it.

At one-thirty a.m. a lord dressed in breeches laced over a pair of fine shoes, a quality shirt, a lush white cravat with a diamond pin sparkling within its folds and a velvet trimmed coat pushed open the door, dripping wet; long, drenched strands of blond hair sticking to his neck, and falling to his shoulders; and he gripped a pistol at his side. He was accompanied by an angry-looking stout man even bigger in muscle size than he was, nicely dressed as well, but obviously not a lord, more like an American. The lord strode across the room with his friend and sat at the bar, great perturbation marring his features. He ordered a drink and slammed it down. He gestured rapidly for another. The innkeeper poured him one.
“What troubles you this night, my lord?”
“My wife has been kidnapped. My brother-in-law and I are searching around here. I have others looking elsewhere. Have you seen anything unusual this way tonight?”
Chuckling caused him to turn around.
“Is something funny?”

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