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Ancient Secrets Release Date September 1

Interview with the beaded necklace from the Ancient Secrets will supply you with a trip into the mind of an inanimate object - or are the beads alive?
Interview Power Stones of the goddess Ebony
Mortal, you cannot interview beads; you would never understand the language.

Are you up to a test about that?

Ask away.

How do you think I heard your first question if I couldn’t understand you. My sources tell me a pure heart and a heightened sense of the intuitive powers will get me with in range of your voice.
Why did you murder Mrs. Olenmurphy?

First of all I did not murder Mrs. Olenmurphy, she is merely in a coma. Besides she is an exception, a special case, she had the beads – its tradition. You handle the beads you die. But as you know there are exceptions to every rule. Think about it.

Why does a person who can hear you not die?

They do

Then you mean because I have handled the beads and I can hear you I will die?

Did you touch them all?

Well, I don’t remember

If you touched them all you would be dead.

Okay so I must not have.
They are so beautiful though I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to rub them, fondle them wear them.
Does wearing them constitute touching them?

No, you must fondle each one separately.

But they will all be touching your skin simultaneously.

That is the trick simultaneously.

I see, so if a person picks them up and slips them on and all the beads touch the neck simultaneously they are immune/safe from the powers.

Oh you are a quick learner. Are you a college graduate?

No need to get snippy. I just wanted to be sure I read your message accurately.
Why are you telling me all this?

You’re a writer right? You may be able to convince the dimwits that I can actually, independently murder my victims with out old shaman Jahara being involved. Why should he get the credit for what I do. He merely wants to return the beads to their homeland.

Is there any thing else you want to tell me about the beads/yourself?

I hardly think you are ready to listen to the life we have had being shuttled from here to there, sold and resold, painted, glued and tossed in the garbage. Always someone sees our beauty and restores us to the light. It usually means their death because of course they have to polish us one bead at a time.

What kind of beads are you.
Colors indicate the bead: black is onyx, white is opal, blue is the Sapphire, green – emerald, yellow – cats eye (my personal favorite) Red is the ever blood red ruby and the diamond has no color only crystal appearance and no one believes even with its brilliance that it is truly a diamond. No one believes either that color indicates mood or emotional effect. I have a whole list of those too.

Okay give me the low down on the emotional end too—and how it affects the person holding them.
Black as you guessed is sinister. The white you would think is purity but it is not it is the supernatural, the spirit world. Blue the color of the ocean deep dark and mysterious – the water world where mermaids play and sharks eat intruders. Green the jealous emerald of Ireland, fiery and jealous of anything it is not or has not. Then come the yellow cat’s eye – sees all, night vision can see in the darkest regions of the human heart and make those dreams come true or at least nightmarish wanders intrude and never leave. Red, the blood red of satan himself. He spills the blood of innocent lambs to cover his vile deeds watch out for red. The only pure one is the diamond who has had the life compressed from her and compressed into her she is all, sees all, knows all, is all, diamond is power and light. Need I say more?

No, I guess I have it all now. Thank you for your time. I will try to portray you honestly if my class will believe it.

And why wouldn’t they. Are they skeptics? Other writers? Readers? They are all cut from the same cloth they will believe or I will have to make my presence known to them and they will see the power of the beads. Don’t call me death beads though. I am Life, Power, Love and Light. It is mankind, humankind that is evil and twisted and steals me to use for their own evil ends.

If you want to learn more - get your copy of Ancient Secrets, be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.
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