Sunday, June 06, 2010

The 1940's

I'm doing research for a new book set in the 1940's, and the more I get into it the more I realize that that was quite a decade! Join me at my blog,, for a look into that era.

And if you're headed on vacation anytime soon, do consider taking The Welcome Inn along with you. Here's an excerpt below.

Julianna is having to stay in Buck's apartment because someone broke into her place and vandalized it.

Julianna awoke first the next morning, and she saw that sometime during the night Buck had removed his sweat pants and shirt. It gave Julianna a wonderful view of his shoulders and chest, and her face flushed in the presence of so much bronzed male skin and muscle. She sensed something vital, something elemental about Buck, and the wild, fiery side of Julianna’s nature was attracted to him as surely as a moth is attracted to the light.

She let her imagination take flight and soar where it would, and it came as no surprise when her fantasy carried her straight into Buck’s bed. She imagined herself surrendering to his kiss—and more—and her face burned with both shame and desire. She knew better! All men were the same, and she’d be a fool to forget it. Obviously, the break-in had affected her even more than she had realized.

She threw the covers back and slipped her feet into her bedroom shoes. She’d get dressed and leave before Buck woke up. Then maybe she’d stop thinking about him. As she passed his bed his hand shot out to grab her wrist. “Good morning, Julianna. What’s your hurry?”

“Oh, you’re awake. I, uh, wanted to get dressed before you got up.”

Buck’s first finger gently stroked the inside of her wrist. “You look damn good in green.”

“Well, I like... uh, thanks.” Julianna swallowed hard. She had to get out of here and soon. Buck looked too devastatingly attractive for her peace of mind!

“Thank goodness you aren’t one of those anorexic females that you see on television. You’ve got enough curves to prove you’re a woman.” His voice lowered and became huskier. “No wonder poor Tim wanted to kiss you. I’ve wanted to taste those lips from the first time I saw you. So kiss me, Julianna. I’m sick of fighting it. It’s torture to be in the same room with you and not kiss you.”

“Uh, no, Buck, I...”

Her voice trailed off as Buck stood up, and she made no protest when brawny, sunburned arms enclosed her and held her tight. He nuzzled his face against her neck, and Julianna quivered in his arms.

“You smell sexy,” Buck growled. “I couldn’t sleep last night because I swear I could smell you in the other bed.”

He buried one big hand in her tousled curls, and his lips, heavy and warm, pressed themselves against hers.

With a strangled moan, Julianna threw her arms around him and eagerly returned his kiss. Madness! This was madness! But, oh he could kiss!

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