Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wings Press Eooks for May and June 2011

Contemporary Romance – 476 pages
Cover art by Trisha FitzGerad
Triggering an intervention of fate, 42 year old Rose Gerbaldi, discovers her heart and soul has been forever united with beautiful, 30 year old, British movie star, Michael Terrance.  A discovery that compels her reality to firmly reclaim her – consequently devastating the very lives fate had so lovingly entwined.

Forsaken by a woman he’s never met, unable to control the debilitating agony, Michael seeks solace on the darker side of Hollywood.  Meanwhile in Western Canada, having been doubly devastated, Rose relinquishes to a life of loneliness.  Both are certain they’ll never again find that for which they long for – each other.
Foolish people – fate is infallible.

Encore L'Amour Mystery – 461 pages
Cover art by Pat Evans

Wealthy matron Ada Javitt puts her current romance on hold when disaster strikes. She and her menopausal friends must tackle the mystery--a murdered trainer, crippled horse and injured girl--coming close to disaster themselves when their detecting takes them to a haunted house in England, where not all the ghosts are Casper-friendly. And the horse-whisperer may be the killer they seek.

Alone, in danger, Ada wonders if she’ll ever return to Devlin’s arms. And whether the Women on Fire will win, place or show on their wild rides across the moors.

Silver Fox by Joel Goulet
Historical – 304 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud
Haunting memories of a Civil War event draws Marshal Damian Boedel and Colonel Brown together for the first time in several years. In an all-but-dead town they find themselves pitted against a mystical foe they thought had been done away with in the swamps of Florida during the war. The marshal also has to deal with outlaws that have his demise well planned. Forced by the outlaws into tunnels beneath the sleeping town, the marshal and colonel and a group of people unfortunate enough to be with them, find themselves fighting for their lives against the mystical foe ahead of them and the outlaws behind them.
The Director by John Paulits
Young Adult -- 188 pages
Cover art by: Richard Stroud
The Director invites nine-year-old Tommy Whitaker to be a character in a book set in 1957. The trouble begins in the Regal movie theatre, where after the Saturday matinee. Elwood Wambo, the strange caretaker of the movie theatre, hires Tommy and his 1957 best friend, Mouse, to stay behind on future Saturdays to clean the theatre when the movie is over.

The boys later learn that Wambo and his partner Jeremy are part of a gang of thieves. When their friend Smitty’s bike is stolen and when Smitty himself mysteriously disappears, Tommy and his two friends Mouse and Royal vow to solve the mysteries of their missing friend, his missing bike…and a murder.

Mystery  300 pages
Cover art by Kathy Williams
The envelope contained half a dozen photographs.  Lydia stifled a gasp as she stared at more than she’d ever hoped to see of Viv Maguire.  A shawl had been draped over one shoulder, discretely hiding her bulging middle and considerable thighs, while displaying one drooping breast.  The smile, no doubt meant to be enticing, had a gruesome intensity that sent shivers down Lydia’s back.

Lydia shoved the photos back into the envelope and returned it to its hiding place amid the napery in the drawer.  Whatever doubts she’d had about the extent of Marshall’s involvement with Viv had been laid to rest.  The question was, had their affair begun before Claire was murdered or after?  If is was before... Lydia shuddered, hating to speculate further.  But the thought pushed itself forward for consideration.  If they’d been lovers before Claire was murdered, it stood to reason that they might have conspired to kill her.
For love?  Money?

Soulfarm by David Toft
Paranormal 277 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud

A vicious assault in a rural Irish pub is the first in a series of increasingly bizarre events that catapult Detective Chief Inspector Seamus Brogan into a world dominated by an all-powerful and despotic church; a church which harvests the despair, pain, and soulpower of heretics for its own power and glorification.

Outside a mediaeval Dublin, a massive crusader army prepares to launch an attack on Brogan’s Ireland. Swords and crossbows will be no match for the weaponry of a modern army, but the power of the human soul when harvested and targeted as a weapon of war is truly mind-blowing.

Futuristic/Sci-if Romance -- 398 pages
Cover art by Pat Evans

Princess Elkava of the family Ominar is third in line for the enormous Euphratorian Empire, but she wished for adventure beyond the empire’s scope. When a new star system is discovered she wants to go ‘solo’ and explore but her emperor father refuses to let her travel without a detail of warships as escorts. Little does she know that the adventure could be more than learning about a new planet.

Kandon of the family Vaker is concerned for his dwindling family, refugees from a distant solar system. As leader of his people, even at his young age he must find the truth. The lovely intruder could only be a Vaker or Ominar, even though she gives another family name, but has she come to back the government who seeks genocide against his family?

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