Tuesday, August 02, 2011

July - August Flight of Dreams

Two offers for readers:
For a drawing for a free Ebook of your choice (any book current in Wings Bookstore) send your name and the title you would like and the format to - Put "Drawing" in the subject line before August 31st.

This offer is from me, the author. My birthday is in August and you can see below I have a new book for the Aegis World, so I've already had my present. But I'd like to share it with you. If you have read and enjoyed one of my previous books, tell me why you liked it and I will give you a copy of Legend's Cipher! With your comment include the format you would like. Send to with "Free Copy Legend's Cipher" in the subject line before August 31st.

July and August releases: 

In Dreams by Gary Sand
325 pages
Cover art by: Richard Stroud
It's been a decades-long guilt trip and Greg Cole believes the only way to ease his conscience is to find his first love to explain why he abandoned her just weeks before their wedding, but though some sins might be forgiven, things are not always the way they seem.
Old Murders Never Die by Marja McGraw
Design by: Marja McGraw
Cover finishing by: Pat Evans
Sandi Webster, private investigator, is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she and her partner, Pete, become stranded in an old ghost town inhabited by a mysterious horse-riding cowboy and haunted by some unsolved Old West murders. What better way to spend a well-earned vacation than running down old clues and searching vintage houses that haven't been entered in over a hundred and twenty years? Bubba, Sandi's half wolf/half Golden retriever, and the mysterious cowboy keep the action moving.

Song Of The Sparrow by H. L. Chandler
262 pages
Cover art by: Pat Evans
The farm was all Lugene and her older brother Harley had left of their parents. Their step-father was intent upon stealing it from them.  Lugene vowed that would never happen.  What with trying to keep the farm, get Harley out of jail, and remain alive, Lugene had a busy summer.

Where Have All The Dogs Gone by Dorothy Bodoin
Cozy Mystery
344 pages
Cover art by: Pat Evans
A young animal activist who calls herself Rima frees the shelter dogs in and around Foxglove Corners to save them from being destroyed.  Running wild in the countryside, at the mercy of hostile wildlife and hunters, they face an equally distressing fate and pose a risk to whoever comes in contact with them. 

Blurry by Sherri Fulmer Moorer
Young Adult
163 pages
Cover art by: Jinger Heaston
What happens when Little Miss Perfect's life is turned upside down? Rachel Shull is about to find out. A year ago she broke up with her boyfriend, Danny, over suspicions that he was hiding something from her. Now Rachel's life is full of accomplishment, achievement, friends, and even a boyfriend. It all seems perfect, until a childhood friend dies in a tragic accident. When it's discovered that Danny had a heated argument with Kirsten shortly before her death, suspicions about his double life resurface. As the case unfolds and tragedy strikes people close to Rachel, she discovers that Danny isn't the only one with dangerous secrets. Life in the small town of Woodland, South Carolina becomes blurry with lies and deceit, and Rachel finds herself questioning everybody; even her new boyfriend.

Dullahan Mountain Breakdown by D. H. Parker
378 pages
Cover art by: Pat Evans
At age seven, when Maura Tasgall saw her parents murdered, she gave up on happy endings.  Now, if she stays alive long enough to unearth the evil that killed them, she may find justice and closure, but still no happy ending?not unless her mother's fairy tales weren't fiction. 

Legend's Cipher by Rhobin Courtright
388 pages
Cover art by: Robin Courtright
Magic makes you different, makes others look on you with suspicion. Many think those having such strangeness are dangerous, threatening, and also somehow undeserving of such a 'gift.' What Bertok had not related when the bishop gave him this mission was his greatest, most buried secret?he possessed such an unnatural ability. Now he must use his magic against others, expose them, and hope he would not be caught.

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