Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flight of Dreams Newsletter for September - October

For September and October, 2011

Bad Medicine by Richard Whitten Barnes

Mystery/Crime; 277 pages; Cover art by Pat Evans
Enormous profits from counterfeit prescription drugs secreted into the USA from Canada are funding a Neo-Nazi group dedicated to changing the ethnic face of North America.

Windsor Ontario police inspector Andy Blake is recovering from a line of duty knifing that sends her home to beautiful St. Joseph Island, at the headwaters of Lake Huron. Instead of a peaceful recovery, Andy is thrust into the middle of a murder investigation that involves Grant Stacey, the boy she left behind twenty- five years ago.
The investigation pits her against killers ruthless enough to do anything to keep their supply from Canada intact, as well as the Islanders who are supplying them.

Lost In Fear by H. L. Chandler
Paranormal; 387 pages; cover art by: Pat Evans
On the east edge of Flagstaff, Arizona, the Brentwood Motel stood dark and silent. The L-shaped building blended into the high desert rock and sand hillside like a chiseled symmetric outcropping. In the chilly predawn the sixteen-foot-tall neon cactus road sign loomed blank and dead, its flashing yellow and green replaced by waning milky-blue moonlight. As the stars faded from the Arizona sky the young woman in unit number fourteen fought to break the grip of a nightmare. A nightmare she'd had off and on for the last fifteen years.

Julie Taylor lunged upright in bed, a scream locked between her clenched jaws, her fingers covering the pale scar under her cheekbone. Julie's chest and back were sweat-drenched, the skin hot and sticky. Her blue cotton gown was plastered tighter than if she'd walked through a shower. Julie blinked at her strange surroundings; it wasn't her room at Mrs. Hager's house in San Bernardino. It took Julie a minute to remember that she was on the way to Oak Grove, a small town in Arkansas, where she would teach school next fall. The nightmare always left Julie confused and, if she dared admit it, terrified.

Altered by Laura Burks
Paranormal Romance; 327 pages; Cover art by Trisha FitzGerald 0
All eighteen-year-old Jenna wants to do is have a slow paced and predictable summer in the small town of New Roads with her grandfather. But on Friday the thirteenth, the unpredictable occurs when she mysteriously hears a voice leading her to a buried book. Jenna is unaware that a secret curse lies within and she's just unleashed its hold.
As writings appear in the book strangely matching her vivid dreams, Jenna's curious nature takes over pulling her deeper into the mystery and the connection to her family. What she didn't expect to find was a forbidden love and a choice to save a life.
Will Jenna's choice remain a secret? Or did the secret choose her?

Thief's Coin by Michael Staton
Fantasy; 495 pages; cover art by: Richard Stroud
In the river town of Opal, as the traveling players in Balthasar's Dream Palace perform, sorceress Illisandra Zayla's  spymaster Jarn Sork captures Prince Derrius Hextor and imprisons him in a tower in the middle of the River Dolor. The prince's lover, the thief Stealth, must employ her cunning to outfox Sork and rescue Derrius, even though she knows her effort might result in his death.

As Stealth begins her perilous ascent up the tower, the two warring personalities in the sorceress's mind join in a life-and-death battle, one determined to merge their minds, the other just as determined to prevent the union.
June & Wallace by Lynette Hall Hampton
Romantic Mystery; 293 pages; Cover art by Pat Evans
When June March, a member of the Calendar Clan, married Wallace Striker, Sheriff of Edison County, North Carolina, she expected to return from their fairytale Hawaiian honeymoon and settle down to a quiet life in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it was not to be. During a February ice storm a dying man shows up on their doorstep and they're pulled into a cat-and-mouse game with a killer bent on revenge. It will take the entire sheriff's department, June's family, and a host of their friends to keep this loving couple alive.

Monterey Madness: Mr. One Pocket by L. C. Wright
Mystery; 294 pages; Cover art by Richard Stroud
Nothing muddles a great home life quicker than a suspension from your job and an unexpected visit from an eccentric, skirt-chasing, father-in-law. Detective Adam Shaw thought his life couldn't get any worse…until it did.

With his best friend accused of murder, Shaw is drawn into a cat and mouse chase of who-dun-it where the good guys are not so good and the bad guys may be his only salvation. When the clues lead to police corruption, Shaw must go outside conventional resources and enlist the help of an eclectic band of miscreants who know more about breaking the law than solving a crime.

The straight shooting, black and white, Shaw, jumps headfirst into a world of gray. Forced into the realm of weird, new friends and deadly foes, the old-school detective struggles to survive…Monterey Madness.

Sleeping Dogs A Theo Stern Novel by A. W. Lambert
Action/Adventure; 935 pages Cover art by Pat Evans and background photo by: A. W. Lambert
Private investigator, Theo Stern, is approached by wealthy businessman, Jacob Levin who suspects a recent find in a Norfolk woodland could be part of an aircraft that, when carrying his uncle, mysteriously disappeared in 1940. Levin reveals that he is desperate to find out what happened to the aircraft and his beloved uncle. He implores Stern's help. 

Stern agrees to investigate and soon discovers that the reason behind the Levin search may not be all it seems. Others are also interested in discovering the fate of the same aircraft. So what is it that Levin is not telling him and why do people quickly shy away from Stern's questions? Stern's courage and dedication is tested to the limit when he uncovers a wicked crime, committed seventy years before, that can still create murder and mayhem.

That's How Women Die by Emily Payne
Chick Lit; 387 pages; Cover art by Kathy Williams
Journalist Kathleen Collins heads to Italy for a month-long trip in hopes of reconnecting with herself. Instead, she finds herself connecting with new friends, classmates, and an attractive acquaintance who makes a surprise visit. With all her plans out the window, Kathleen jumps headfirst into a journey she never planned on taking, but which leads her exactly where she needed to go.

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