Thursday, May 31, 2012

Regarding Kimberley by Vera Berry Burrows

Cover art by: Trisha FitzGerald
Ebook and print; 245 pages
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Show business executive Kimberley Mason always felt something was missing from her life.   She forms an association with a theatrical agency in Australia and uncovers a secret kept by her parents for thirty years.  Revelations about her birth shatter her world.  Discovering her real father is Australian television celebrity Joel Winston, she cuts herself off from the family she had always thought to be perfect.

Leaving behind her past in England, she moves to Australia to be with the man she loves, her business partner, Simon Obertelli. Will running away ensure her future happiness or will the complications of accepting her famous father only lead to heartache?


Ben was waiting for the right moment. They’d had tea; the evening sun was lending a balmy atmosphere to the terrace overlooking the Thames. The four people were seemingly in relaxed mood.

Ben began. “Do you consider you had an idyllic childhood, Kim?” he asked.

Kim stiffened. Here it comes, she thought nervously. “I would say I had a wonderful childhood. Why do you ask?” Might as well get it over with, whatever it might be.

Ben stood up as if he were about to deliver an oration, but his slow pacing of the floor told the others that he was nervous too. His outward appearance, however, displayed a man in control. “Your mum and I have deliberated long and hard about this,” he said. “It isn’t going to be easy for any of us...”

Kim breathed in deeply. “I know something is wrong,” she told him. “I’ve known for weeks; months even. I haven’t any idea what it is, but anything that can estrange me from my mother—and that’s what it has felt like—anything that causes alienation from my parents, must be pretty bad.” She moved closer to Simon and held tightly on to his hand.

“Please, Kim, let me continue,” Ben pleaded. “It is important that your mum and I know at this point if you considered your childhood was lacking in any way.”

Kim shook her head to acknowledge again that she had indeed experienced a wonderful childhood.
While Belinda looked down at her clasped hands on her lap, Ben continued earnestly. “Please tell me, Kim, if you think I’ve been a good father. I need to know…”

“What is this, Dad?” she interrupted. “You are the best dad I could ever have wished for. I’ve told you often enough, but where is all this leading?” She was becoming agitated. “Are you and Mum splitting up?”
Ben’s eyes filled with tears. “No,” he said, his voice trembling, “but we have something to tell you that perhaps we ought to have told you years ago.” He related all the details of Belinda’s dalliance with Joel Winston; her long term guilt and their decision to put Ben’s name on the birth certificate. “I loved your mum then and I love her now.”

Kim listened in stunned silence. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest, but when she spoke, her voice was strong and her manner confident. “You are not my father?” she asked, not waiting for an answer. “How could you do that to me, Dad? You have deliberately deceived me for almost thirty years. I can’t believe you would do that to me. You above of all people.” She paused while she breathed deeply in an effort to calm herself. “How many other lies have you told along the way?”
“We honestly thought we were doing what was right...”

“Right for whom?” she demanded jumping up from her seat and facing him challengingly. “Right for you; right for her...” She spat the words in her mother’s direction. “What about me?”

Belinda looked at her daughter through tears of regret. “We know what we have done, Kim, and we are sorry.”

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