Thursday, July 12, 2012

Past Reflections by Sandra Bonaldi

Contemporary Romance, 266 pages, ebook & print
Cover art by Richard Stroud

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Julie Finch had always led a sheltered life, from attending catholic school to the no boys rule. Now on the verge of womanhood she is beginning to look at life through different eyes. First love is painful but picking up the pieces of a broken heart prove even more difficult when there is no closure and tragedy strikes!

Even before the car accident Julie Finch could hardly consider herself pretty. She considered herself to be about average. Her best feature was her big brown eyes. Other than that she had an okay nose, almost clear complexion and dimples when she smiled. She was a mere five feet one weighing in at a whopping one hundred and five pounds. Her mousey brown hair was well past her shoulders and was a little on the wild side. She used to tie it back to restrain her curls. But that was before the accident. Now she kept it long hoping to hide her scar, if only a little bit. She had been reassured often enough that none of her scars mattered. That she was still such a pretty girl. All nonsense as far as she was concerned. Hadn't Scott Rourke proved that?

She remembered looking into the mirror for the first time after the accident. It had been awful. She was now deformed. She was ugly. All Doctor Paulson could say was how lucky she was to be alive. But she wasn't thinking along those lines. No way. Couldn't he see that her face was now imperfect? Not that it had ever been perfect from the beginning. Only a few little scars. Little! What the hell did he know? What did any of them know about how she really felt? True. It could have been worse. She could have died in that car crash. She realized that but what did that matter after she lost Scott. She may as well have died because it felt as though her heart had. But she had survived and now had to live with the telltale scar that marred her left cheek. It was approximately four inches long and jagged. It was amazing how a windshield could shatter into a million pieces right before your eyes. There were many other scars as well. Especially the one high up on her left thigh as it had somehow gotten caught and twisted under the dashboard upon impact. She could not remember how that had happened.

After the accident she had withdrawn from almost everyone. She refused to wear any of the clothes she had once loved so much. It would be a cold day in hell before she'd wear another pair of shorts or one of her miniskirts.

That day was permanently burned into her mind. Almost as clear as the day it had actually happened. Why couldn't her Mom ever just admit when she'd had one drink too many? And It usually wasn't one drink too many. It always went well beyond that. It had been obvious from the very beginning that Marie Finch had been in no condition what-so-ever to operate a car on that particular blustery cold day.

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