Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Psychic's Diary

By Rebecca Reece, Paranormal Thriller, 264 pages
Cover art by Pat Evans
What do you do when an invisible force drags your little brother down the hall? What do you do when a dark arts witch, whom you have never met, summons you from beyond the grave? These were the challenges I faced throughout my paranormal life, combating supernatural forces, with one foot in this world and one in the next. The true accounts of true evil and terrifying events that happen in A Psychic's Diary. If I had written a diary; this would be it.
After crawling into bed, I hold my legs in an Indian-style, then my arms in the same way, and hike my bed sheets up to my neck in the hopes of not being touched. I know they are coming. As the anxiety mounts, tears begin strolling down my face. I summon up all the courage I have and yell, “Mom!”
Dad yells back, “Shut up in there and go to sleep!” I think Mom is afraid of Dad too. She is not allowed to be scared either.
“I’m scared!” I shout back. Dad gets up out of bed in a hurry so now I am really scared.
“Oh, you’re scared huh?” he asks without any intention of reply. “I will give you something to be scared of,” and with that Dad pulls me out of bed and whoops me hard enough that my feet do not touch the floor, all the while holding onto my left arm. He lets go and pushes me to the floor, then smacks his hand against the wall where his last fist mark remains. “Now go to sleep!”
I sniffle my way back into bed and assume the regular Indian-style position then sniffle my way through the sadness and fear once again. He never asks what I am afraid of. On occasion, Mom makes it to my bedroom before Dad, but then Dad takes his anger out on Mom so I always try my best to remain quiet no matter how scared I get.
The ringing sound begins. It is getting louder; they are coming. Then the marching starts. I look over toward my wall and the window, too afraid to get out of bed. The closer they come, the louder the marching and ringing sounds are. There is no stopping them and then they are here.... again... surrounding my bed. All drumming, ringing, and buzzing noises stop. It is complete silence again.
Twelve white shadowy figures surround my bed. They stand around looking at each other while talking about me. I still cannot make out what they say. I do not want them to touch me. I wish they would just go away and stop coming into my room!

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