Monday, December 10, 2012

The Second Time Around

By Sr. Christine Kresho
Cozy Mystery/Paranormal 274 pages
Cover art by Pat Evans
When God appears again on earth, this time as a daughter, she is killed because her message of love threatens those who cling to power. The search for her killer reveals scandals and cover-ups, but this time, the second time God walked among us, a powerful institution will change forever.
With Tom and Maria beside her, and just before she opened the door to leave, Mary turned and scanned the room for Connie. She caught sight of her at a far table picking up her purse. Mary walked over to her. “Connie, would you walk with us?” The eagerness Mary detected in Connie’s eyes suggested she was looking forward to a front-page story.

“Absolutely, Mary. Do you think the protestors are waiting outside?”

“I do.”

Mary took a deep breath and grasped the door knob. She yanked open the door to a lot filled only with empty cars. She glanced at Connie’s disappointed face and said, “I guess we were both wrong.”

“Would you mind if I follow you home?”

“Do you think?”

“I’m never wrong twice in one day!”

Tom leaned over to Guadalupe and asked her to go home with Jim and Angie. “But, Dad, I want to go with you and Mom. You know how much I want to be a reporter when I grow up. I want to tell her what Sammi meant to me, too.”

“I’m sure you will have an opportunity to do that, but not today. I’ll tell you everything, I promise.” He kissed her on the cheek.

During the fifteen minute ride to Mary’s home, Tom and Maria allowed Mary the silence she seemed to need. As Tom made the turn to her street, he reached over to grab Mary’s cold hand. “We’ll do this together,” he said, keeping his eyes on the protestors who had formed a line blocking any attempt to enter her home.

“I know, Tom. Thank you,” she said patting his hand.

“Looks like Connie was right,” Maria acknowledged.

“But I didn’t expect TV cameras, too,” Mary said.

Tom parked the car and checked his rear view mirror to see Connie was right behind him. They exited together and Mary headed straight for the local Channel Six reporter and her cameraman. Connie quickened her steps to get close to Mary.

“I want you to announce the names of these people,” Mary said, pointing toward the five protestors and their signs. “And I want you to state that they are part of a conspiracy that murdered my daughter.”

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