Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Antique Discovery

by Eileen Harris
Mystery, 313 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud

A vacation becomes complicated by murder, discovery, and friendship.  Danger lurks in too many directions.  Alicia and her friends will have to stay alive and sort through the clues carefully if they want to save an innocent friend and prevent the destruction of an historic treasure.

As we continued riding, rather than getting better, both horses were shying at every shadow. We thought they must have eaten something toxic to their nervous system, but Nick had no idea what or how it could have happened. We decided to return to the ranch and hoped the horses wouldn't get totally out of control before we arrived. As we rode back the way we'd come, they actually seemed to calm down a little, and I had begun to believe they would be fine when someone fired a gun. The horses went crazy, and Nick and I both ended up in a shallow ravine next to the road. There were two more shots, and I heard the sound of the horses galloping away. When I thought of being stranded out here, I could feel panic crawling through my system. Counting to ten and taking several deep breaths, I worked to beat it back. I crawled over to Nick to make sure he hadn't been hit. He said, "Are you okay? Were you hit or hurt in the fall?"

"I'm okay. I'll probably be one big bruise tomorrow and the fall knocked the wind out of me, but all the parts seem to be working."

He said, "We need to crawl farther down where the ravine gets deeper. There's a rock overhang not too far down that will protect us from above."

I began crawling, but when I glanced back at Nick I could see his grimace of pain. I stopped until he caught up, and said, "Okay, obviously you aren't fine. What aren't you telling me?"

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