Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Ferrington Men: Josh

By Lynette Hall Hampton
Romantic Suspense 319 pages
Cover art by Pat Evans
While his father is on his honeymoon in the Greek Islands, Josh Ferrington, in charge of his father's vast holdings finds himself torn between the two beautiful daughters of his new step-mother. Laurie, who he has become good friends with and her younger sister, Olivia who makes his heart race every time he looks at her.

To add to this problems, Josh has to continually fight off the advances of his secretary who is determined to become the next Mrs. Josh Ferrington. He then learns his former in-laws are suing for custody of his there and one half year old son, Amos.
To find the happiness he craves, Josh knows he must over come all these situations and get his life on a path that will lead to happiness for not only him, but his son, Amos as well.

"Good morning, Josh." Dottie Blackwood, his secretary, used her most sultry voice and leaned over the desk so he couldn't miss the view down her low cut blouse. "I heard Gabe's wedding was fabulous. Of course no one would expect less from the Ferringtons. I'm so happy for your father."

"Only family and a few close friends attended, but that's what Dad and Constance wanted. Something small and private."

"I hope they have a big party when they come back from the honeymoon. I want to meet the lucky woman who is now your new step-mom."

"I think that's what they plan." Josh looked through the messages Dottie handed him. "You'll like Constance. She's the perfect woman for Dad. I think he's finally going to have the happiness he deserves."

"That's good. Every man needs a good woman who'll make him happy, don't you think?" She leaned a little closer to him.

As always, Josh ignored her attempts at seduction. He didn't think she could be serious, but only wanted to show him she was all woman. "This note says Aston Chambers wants me to call as soon as I can. Did he give you a clue as to what it's about?"

"No. Just said it was important. I think I put that down."

Josh nodded and went into his inner office. He picked up the phone and dialed Aston's number. He knew it would be busy in the company with his father gone, and the last thing he needed was a problem arising in the legal department of Ferrington Industries, which often happened when the top man in the law firm called personally.

"Yes, Josh, I'm glad you called," Aston said. "I need to see you right away."

"What's up, Aston?"

"I'd rather see you in person. Can you come to my office or would you prefer I come there?"

"With Dad on his honeymoon, I'm pushed this morning. Just tell me what's going on."
"You're not going to like it."

"I probably won't, but spit it out anyway."

"Cindy's parents have decided to sue you for custody of your son, Amos."

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