Monday, August 12, 2013


By Billie A. Williams
Cozy Mystery, 285 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud
Someone deliberately set The Patchwork Quilt Shop on fire and barricaded the doors from the outside, trying to trap Autumn inside. Stacy is bitten by a rattle snake she is anchor woman, investigative reporter and nearly dies from injuries, mutual friend Felicia Ferret is brutally beaten? The three musketeers, as they were called, have been friends since elementary school. Is someone out to kill them all?
Autumn smelled smoke. She thought it strange. No one near the Patchwork burned wood. This time of night, most everyone was home with their families, and the unusually warm fall had pre-empted anyone from burning fireplaces. Perhaps she was mistaken and it was just leaves being burned down the block somewhere. She glanced out the window toward the elementary school blacktopped basketball court. No children at play; too late in the day for that, she concluded.

Perhaps someone was burning leaves. Autumn walked the short distance to the front door to check the lock and see if she could determine the source of the smoke floating across the front of the store. It seemed to thicken. It had to be close. The acrid smell of painted wood stung her nose. A flash in the window caught her eye. “My God, the building is on fire.” She raced for the front door. Panic seized her when it wouldn't open. She pounded on the door as if that would somehow dislodge the lock. Smoke became thick in the vaulted ceiling, pushing down toward her. “My yard goods.” She snatched up the phone from the counter and hammered at the buttons, 9—1—1. The phone was dead. How could that be? She looked at the receiver and then at the cradle—no light—how long had the phone line been dead?

Fire licked at the sides of the old structure, blistering paint, consuming the porch. No time, no time…she couldn't rescue anything. She grabbed her purse as she sped to the back room. That door wouldn't budge either. Someone must have, how, why? Autumn's mind raced. Escape. Windows. What if whoever did this waited for her to try to exit through a window? Too late to worry about their intention. Autumn flung bolts of cloth aside and grabbed the wooden desk chair. She slammed it into the only window in the room. The tall, small-paned window shuddered from the blow as the chair splintered. “Think!” Cell phone, no time, escape first.

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