Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who Did It?

By Suzanne M. Hurley
A Samantha Barclay Novel
Suspense, 408 pages
Cover art by Trisha FitzGerald
Who killed the beloved principal of St. Michael’s High School?
Newly minted FBI agent Samantha Barclay’s first case is to find the murderer.
Only one problem. Everyone she meets has a reason to see him dead.
Will she uncover who did it - before he or she strikes again?
Snip. Snip. Snip.

I stared at the man meticulously cutting his hedge, pausing every few seconds to check out his work, making sure he had gotten it just right.

Humming away, looking the picture of peace, he was sporting green khaki shorts, a sweat-soaked grey tee-shirt, straw hat and sunglasses. I could even see evidence of white sunscreen on his arms, making sure he was well taken care of, hidden away from cancer-ridden rays.

Too bad he didn’t take care of others the same way he did himself.

Too bad he had no regard for anyone else.

Too bad he was such a dirty, rotten scumbag!

Little did he know, he was about to die. Today, as a matter of fact. In just a few minutes.
I knew.

Because I was the one pulling the trigger.

My breath quickened as red-hot anger burned through me. I felt like attacking him, taking great pleasure as my fists ripped him apart, limb by limb, punishing him, torturing him for all the hurt and devastation he had caused. I had too many sleepless nights and the pain, oh, the pain, was all the result of his actions. I’d soon be ridding the world of this hideous man. Forever.

I felt my face flush with excitement as I crept closer, glad I had worn the softest sneakers I owned and grateful for the grass that kept my footsteps quiet. Holding my gun with two hands to stop the shaking, I pointed it right at his head.

Maybe I should do it now, before he noticed me. Let him die, not knowing who masterminded his execution. One minute he’d be doing mundane gardening, the next he’d be dead. I liked the whole shock effect.

No way! Not a chance.

I wanted to look into his eyes.

To see the panic when he saw the gun.

That would be my ultimate satisfaction. A power play. The perfect end to this horror story. Just before I finished him off forever.

A grin stretched across my face at the thought, as I struggled to stay in control.

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