Saturday, September 07, 2013

Yesterday's Secrets

By Peggy P. Parsons

Contemporary Romance, 418 pages
Cover art by: Pat Evans
“I’ve thought of a way you can repay me.”
“Tell me,” Janalou said, enjoying dancing with him.
Kree cleared his throat. “Pretend to be my fiancée.”
Shock reverberated through her. She couldn’t say no, could she? Not after all he’d done to help her. But could she live with one more lie?
The next few days passed almost in a blur.

They did and saw so many things in Colorado and kept so busy, Janalou was exhausted by nightfall. Kree said he was, too.

On their fourth night there, they stopped at a cafe near the freeway in Grand Junction. It was called ‘Starvin Marvin’s.’

Janalou ordered soup and salad. Kree ordered the special: chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn.
“This cross-country journey is the most fun I’ve ever had,” she said while they waited for their food. “You said your first year in college was the best year of your life. Well, this summer is my best one. Thanks for making it happen, Kree.”

Looking uncomfortable with her praise, he asked, “Did you ever go on vacation with your parents?”
“Yes. Every year before Mama died.” Then realizing she might be admitting too much, she clammed up, not wanting to lie, or explain any more.

She had enjoyed trips with her parents, but this one was very different. The first time she had traveled so far. And her first adventure with a man. She rated it higher than anything she’d ever done, although she wished she hadn’t admitted that to Kree.

While they ate he said, “We’ve traveled a lot of miles.”

She frowned. “Are you taking too much time off work?”

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