Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Wings ePress

Wings ePress officially opened its doors as a publisher in September, 2001. The first four books of their launch included my first ever published book, FULL MOON HONEYMOON. The book wasn't actually available until September 10 because a few glitches had to be resolved (the shopping cart I think). 

Do I need remind anyone what happened the next day, September 11, 2001? What should have been the most thrilling week of my writing career is forever connected in memory with those horrible terrorist attacks. Somehow, my book did sell, as did my three colleagues with releases that month. But it seemed in poor taste to do promotion. Thank you to all readers who took a chance on a rookie publisher and a rookie author.

Take a moment today to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Wings ePress's inaugural book launch. Then tomorrow take a moment to remember those victims of that infamous day. Americans now call it Patriot Day, but don't forget why.

Cheryl Norman

The first Wings Best-seller

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