Monday, May 25, 2015

Lovelace Superstar

By Charles Rayner Kelly
Futuristic/Sci-fi/Fantasy, 449 pages
Cover art by Trisha FitzGerald
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It is fifty years into the future and a young charismatic leader has changed the direction the world was heading in the 21st century. He combines the renown of a superstar musician with words that touch the minds and hearts of countless people. Living in the violent unstable era that prevailed at the time, he is assassinated but his spirit lives on.
This is a story of the Awakening, which happened among people worldwide and led to the healing of the earth. Ecological and social crises were getting worse without hope of being resolved. It seemed as if humanity was in a death spiral.
Not only did I start Lovelace's first fan club, but I also had an inside track on all the other fan clubs that sprouted up afterwards. I knew Lovelace's mother. I didn't really know her, but I knew she was the woman I always saw in church on Sundays, putting flowers on the altar and changing the linen. I decided to approach her when everyone else had gone.
Psst. Can I speak with you a moment?” I asked over the sanctuary rail.
“Yes, child, what can I do for you?” she asked with a warm, inviting smile.
“Aren't you Lovelace's mother?” I inquired nervously.
“Yes, I am.”
“My name's Joan and I live two streets down from your house.”
“How nice, we're almost neighbors,” she said sweetly. “Perhaps you know my husband. He's the mail carrier.”
“No, ma'am, but I hear he's very nice.”
“Thank you, I'll tell him that.”
“I heard Lovelace singing on the radio yesterday.”
“You did? He told me he made a recording recently. He's being kept so busy, I hardly see him. Sometimes he comes home after I'm asleep and he leaves before I'm awake. It's only because of his unmade bed that I know he's been there.”
I would have made his bed every day if she wanted me to. But I didn't say that.
“Did you know his song is now in the top ten?” I asked her instead.
“It is? How wonderful! I wonder why he didn't tell me.”
“Maybe he doesn't know. It only reached it this morning. It was number forty-seven of the top one hundred last week and the week before it was ninety-six."
“I'll be sure to tell him. No doubt he'll be happy.”
“I've started a fan club for Lovelace too, ma'am. I was hoping you might tell him that also.”
She looked incredulous at first, but then I showed her a binder with the names and addresses and phone numbers of all the people I had enrolled.
“We're calling it the 'We Love Lovelace' fan club,” I said, probably sounding excited.
“How nice! How many people are in the fan club?”
“Five hundred and twenty-seven, ma'am, but that's only with three high schools. There are five more on my list.”
I saw that Lovelace's mother could hardly believe it, so I opened up the binder and showed her fifty-three pages of ten names apiece. At the top of every page was written 'We Love Lovelace' Fan Club in silver and purple lettering.
“Here's the logo I've made, a heart made of lace with a capital 'L' in the center.” I showed her. “I still need a photo of him. I could blow it up so people could see our tables from a distance, and know where to come to join his fan club.”
“My goodness, wait till his father hears of this. Can I have these pages?”
“No ma'am, they're all I've got. But I'd be happy to bring them over to your house this afternoon, if that's all right. Then you can show them to your husband.”
She looked at me and then smiled. “All right, you know where we live? Come around three o'clock today and we'll have tea and cookies.”

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