Thursday, July 18, 2019

July Release: Love is a Cheerleader Running

Liam experiences the conditions of true love when he meets a cheerleader in high school. Later, at university, he meets a fluttery girl who loves him unconditionally, but their breakup is messy. Then, while traveling, Liam meets Briana, the girl with the tidal design, the girl full of conditions. After being deceived, he becomes an exploiter of lust and love.

R.F. Gonzalez was born in a small town in the impoverished country of Nicaragua at the end of its revolution. He then immigrated with his paternal grandparents to Texas in the 80s. Soon after, he moved to Europe with his mother and father for six years. He traveled around the world and, at age nineteen, moved back to Dallas. In 2010, he earned a Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Dallas. Since then, he has been an entrepreneur, aspiring writer, and writing instructor. There are more interesting things to tell and, perhaps someday, he will write stories about it all.

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Historical Writer/Editor said...

I'm impressed with your credentials, that great cover, and the story premise! It looks great! -laura