Thursday, August 01, 2019

Ready to Begin Fourth Boomer Lit Novel

It's been nearly six months since I finished "New Horizons," the third book in the John Ross Boomer Lit series.  Lately, several readers have asked if I've started on another book.

"New Horizons" was released May 1 by Wings ePress and sales have been steady and reviews have been excellent. I'm very appreciative to those who have supported my writing in the past and those who are just discovering my stories.

So now it's time to move on to the fourth book. I don't have a working title but I have produced probably 50k words. August 1st is my official start date.

So how do I already have 50k words? When working on "New Horizons" last year, the manuscript exceeded 90k and the novel was moving in a different direction. I decided to use the first 40k on "New Horizons," and the other for the next installment.  By the way, "New Horizons" ended up at nearly 70k words so there was plenty of writing involved before submitting it to my publisher.

I've been letting the remaining words simmer the past few months while conducting additional research and taking more notes about the next adventure for John and Sally Ross in their quest for peace and tranquility in their twilight years. 

Those who have read the first three books know it certainly hasn't been easy for the Kentucky couple. This thing called life always seems to be getting in the way of their quiet plans.

So if things go as planned—something I never count on in my life—the first draft of the fourth book will be finished in a couple months. After several rewrites, I hope to send the manuscript to my editor by the end of the year. 

As I have with my previous novels, I'll keep you posted on my progress, title, book cover, and release date. I already know what the fifth book is going to address, but more about that when I'm through with the fourth.


Rhobin said...

It's always great to have readers requesting more stories!

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thank you for dropping by, Robin. It's much appreciated.