Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hi all! I saw from the comments that you're all toasty warm in the US *wink*.

I'm currently fighting some sort of bug...headaches, nausea...yadda yadda yadda. had two nights off work, but am determined to get back there tomorrow night.

Had two of the furbabies at the vet this morning. Baby needed a recheck of her blood - one of her liver enzymes had been up last time. This time it was double! The vet's not sure what is going on, as everything else is fine. So she's being started on ... I can't remember properly - milk thistle or something? It's a herbal remedy to help rejuvenate the liver. The other furbaby, Cara, we thought might have had pancreatitis, but it looks like it may not be now. We have to give her only water for a day or so...she will NOT be impressed. But as she's been vomiting, her gut needs a rest.

I swear, these cats are conspiring to keep me broke! LOL

have started ch 4 of the current WIP. keep going back and changing things now and again. That's what happens when you get bored lying in the sick bed and decide to sneak out and do some writing. I'm obviously not thinking straight, hence having to go back and change thinsg after I've thought about it all LOL. It just gets to me, lying in bed when I could be using the time off writing...*sigh* Such as now, when I've snuck out to check my email

Thinking of making a nice, hot stew for tea. that'll be followed with ice cream, of course. Which makes perfect sense, right?

Angela Verdenius


Beverly McClure said...

Hi Angela,
I hope you're feeling better now. And also your furbabies.


Nora Peterson said...

I'm sorry to hear that you and the furbabies are under the weather.

Feel better soon.


Joan :>*** said...

*** I don't have cats any more. Mine went to kitty heaven... the last one in December. I sure miss their help writing. They used to squeeze between me and the monitor, and hang a paw over the edge to play with my mouse. I had to get a Optical Elite in order to combat the cat hair. Every time we went to the vet I knew it was good for at least a $300 bill.
Ain't cats grand!