Monday, July 25, 2005

Hey all

okay, I posted once then vanished. This happened because I (1) forgot this address to post to, and (2) thought I had wrecked my password and that was why I couldn't get in. Today I found out it was (3), I didn't have the right username to start with! *sigh* I am cyberspaced challenged...LOL

Currently working on book 11, with the help of my furbabies, who like to get in front of the screen, check out the pens, lie in the drawers, and stick their noses in the printer. They also like to stand on the keyboard and help type. Little treasures *rolling eyes*. It doesn't help much when I'm on limited time, as I work full time as well! Would rather write full time, but I'm aiming for that . Everyone has to have a dream! Meanwhile, I have to eat and pay bills (mostly vet bills ROTFL)

Still freezing cold Down Under. yesterday I helped man the cake stall for the RSPCA. The day before I made cakes for the stall, and ate haf the cake mix. Life's like that. You gotta test the mix, you know

hoo roo for now!
Angela Verdenius


Beverly McClure said...

Hi Angela,
Wow! Eleven books and with a job. I don't know how you do it. When I was working I only managed mostly magazine articles. Now, I'm retired. It's great. My time is my own.

My furbaby lies under my chair while I type.

Cold there, hot here in Texas. We did have a brief shower yesterday that cooled things a bit until the sun came out bringing humidity with it.

Have a great week.

Beverly McClure

Dave Webb said...

Hi, Angela. We're setting heat records here in Illinois. I'll try to send some your way.
Eleven books is fantastic. I couldn't get one finished until I "retired" but now I have two being published.
I love your jokes and stories. Keep 'em comin' cause we all need to laugh.
Sending some wags from my dog, Ginger, because I have serious allegies to cat hair. Bummer. And I had a cat when I was a kid. I think Lincoln was President.LOL

Humour and last laugh said...

hi, liked your blog and the comments. what you think about can i join your club?

Judith said...

Hi Angela,

You'rre catching on to this blog stuf so fast. Must be because you know about the future. :O


Kay Sisk said...

Hi, Angela!

Hard to believe Western Australia could be _that_ cold! That's where you are, right? When we were there in Feb, it was wonderfully warm!

But north Texas is frying now. If you could box up some of that cold air, you could get rid of it here!

Kay Sisk

Louise said...

Hi Angela,
We are burning up here in the middle of the US. Strange to think of you in the midst of winter! Maybe we should all move to some lovely south seas island where soft tropical winds gently sway the palm leaves. We could all set up grass shacks with computers inside and write away to our hearts content.
Well, back to reality! It is so dry here -- not a drop of rain. I don't have any cats, but my neighbor has three. (along with two horses, three dogs, a rabbit - I must be forgetting something/someone) Anyway, I went out to put some water on flowers near the back porch - I ran the hose for quite a while, then I sprayed some water up on the porch and it ran down through the boards. - Out from under the porch came 'little bit' the black and white tom from next door. He was covered with cobwebs and gave me such a dirty look. He obviously had been trying to stay cool under there and I spoiled it for him. He wouldn't even come when I called him - just slunked (is that a word?) away to lay under a bush. He wouldn't even come for a drink of water. What a pity - and we are usually such good friends! Later though, he was seen back at the corner of the porch ready to reclaim his cool spot.
Well, is this blogging, or what? ;) See you all later, Louise.