Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hi, Thought I'd try out some different fonts here, just to see what this tool bar
offers. Not bad, lots of editing choices. Now you can see
what I do when I am putting off the some times difficult business
of story making. I use to sharpen pencils. And stack papers--
hard to say why I delay, because once I begin and get into a
story - I don't want to stop. My delay tactic now is checking
my email, reading the forum, too many places to go on the web!
Hey, Angela. You aren't the only one that didn't immediately
find the place to start a post. But, as you can see - I found
it too. Drat!! Now, I suppose, this will be another place
to visit before I get down to business. Bye for now, Louise.


Josie said...

Louise, thanks for experimenting with the different fonts and colors. I went back and 'dressed up' my original post.

Beverly McClure said...

Hi Louise.

Me too. I spend way too much time checking e-mail and visiting message boards and blogs when I ought to be writing. But eventually I get around to the fun stuff (writing).