Sunday, July 24, 2005

My first published book will be Shepherd's Pie Nov 2006 with Wings. Mike Shepherd is a Chicago private detective winging (pun intended) his way down the Eden's Expressway to an important date with his long time girl friend, Diana Barton. They have been at odds over his occupation. He likes it and she hates it. He could be doing something more worthwhile than chasing criminals. So he makes a date and wears his only suit to make amends for all the times he has missed a date or stood her up to earn his meager living. The suit is a gallant gesture because he always wears jeans. To dress up he wears a sport coat with his jeans.
Unfortunately he spots fugitive Ferlin Husky Lewis (his father was a big country music fan) tooling down the same Eden's Expressway. Mike decides to chase him for the $3,000 bounty and, as luck would have it, Mike's cell phone has not been properly charged so he can't tell Diana that he will again be late or a no show.
Mike gets shot at, ruins his suit and loses Ferlin and when he goes to Diana's apartment she's so upset she decides to break off their relationship. To make matters even worse, Ferlin who was sent to jail when Mike captured him seven years ago now becomes incensed that Mike is again chasing him, that he goes on a killing rampage stalking Mike and Diana.
go to to read the first chapter. Let me know what you think.


Silent Prince said...

sounds like my life..

Beverly McClure said...

I haven't had time to read the first chapter of Shepherd's Pie but it sounds interesting. Will try to do so later.