Thursday, July 21, 2005

Moon Over Chicago. Hello to everyone. J D Webb (Dave) here and ready to talk about my newest release from Wings sked for Mar 2007. This book has as its main character Fulton Moon (Yes, nicknamed Full Moon) who is a cobbler by trade in Chicago. His shop called Moonshines, located in a less than upscale area, is a gathering place for homeless and indigent neighbors. Fulton tries to help them out whenever they get into trouble. This time he gets in way over his head . Beautiful and sinister Lucinda Mathews is trying to escape an abusive husband and before Fulton knows it, he's involved in a kidnapping, muggings and even murder. Fulton, devoutly Caucasian, is ably assisted by his surrogate father Benjamine Franklikn Washington, proudly African-American, who dispenses advice that is not always heeded.
The old saying write about something you know is in play here as I owned a shoe repair business for 12 years. I thought it would a different slant to have a cobbler as a amateur detective. I invite everyone to visit my website and read the first chapter of my book. Then come back and ask any questions or make comments about it. I'll answer.

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