Thursday, July 21, 2005

Since it's the 21st of July, that's an odd day, so I have to remember to take my Viamin E. I read somewhere that 400 U of E was too much for the average person to be taking on a daily basis, so, since I had this huge bottle of 400 U gel caps you can't cut in two, I take one on odd days only. The end of this month will create a problem, so I'll skip two days. Vitamin E aside, what's up in my life? The Viking and I are heading for Reno on the 26th for the Romance Writers of American National Conference. Since we used to live 30 miles from Reno, this gives us a chance to see old friends as well. Our calico cat Kinko won't appreciate being boarded for a week, and will greet us on our return with a lot of complaints. She's an outdoor/indoor cat and really resents being boarded. We live next to woods and last month a big doe chased her through the yard, after which she voluntarily stayed insde for 2 days. Apparently the gray fox we see regularly passing through doesn't upset her. She was inside last year when the bear cub climbed the big ash tree outside our screened porch, batted the bird feeder until a bunch of seed fell out, then shinnied down and feated on them. We never did see Mama Bear.
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Carol McPhee said...

I alternate my vitamine E as well since I read that info a month ago. When I finish the huge bottle of it, I'll reconsider whether I get more. Carol McPhee